Weather forecast
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


28°C / 24°C
  • Wind: 19 km/h SW
  • Humidity: 85%
  • Precip. probability: 80%
  • Precipitation: 5 mm
  • UV index: 11
Thunderstorms. High 28C. Winds SW at 15 to 25 km/h. Chance of rain 80%.
04:08 -03
  • 25°C
  • Feels like: 25°C
  • Wind: 8 km/h SSE
  • Humidity: 94%
  • Dewpoint: 23°C
  • Pressure: 1008.1 mbar
  • Precipitation: 0 mm
  • Visibility: 10 km
  • UV index: 0
  • 25°C
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
  • Wind: 8 km/h WSW
  • Precip. probability: 3%
  • 26°C
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
  • Wind: 12 km/h W
  • Precip. probability: 1%
  • 27°C
  • Wind: 16 km/h SW
  • Precip. probability: 61%
  • 27°C
Scattered Thunderstorms
Scattered Thunderstorms
  • Wind: 20 km/h SSW
  • Precip. probability: 58%
  • 28°C
  • Wind: 19 km/h SSW
  • Precip. probability: 62%
  • 27°C
  • Wind: 19 km/h SSW
  • Precip. probability: 64%
  • 26°C
  • Wind: 14 km/h SSW
  • Precip. probability: 78%
Sunset: 18:27
  • 25°C
  • Wind: 11 km/h SW
  • Precip. probability: 76%
  • 25°C
  • Wind: 8 km/h SW
  • Precip. probability: 92%
Rio de Janeiro, also referred to as Rio, is one of the most populated municipalities in Brazil, as well as one of the most populated regions in the broader Americas. Rio de Janeiro serves as the capital city of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, the third most populated state in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro was established in 1565 and has gradually grown to become a prime hub in the state, especially as a part of it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Center.
The Brazilian seas side city is home to the most amazing beaches in Brazil, on top of the iconic Christ the Redeemer Statue at the top of the Corcovado Mountain. Rio de Janeiro also has its visitors enjoying cable rides to the peak of the famous Sugarloaf Mountain. Wonderful experiences in Rio de Janeiro include watching the intriguing samba dancers dressed in colorful costumes and parading their shows throughout the city streets.
Volleyball, paragliding, and surfing include some of the sporting activities visitors like to partake in. The mountains within the Tijuca National Park provide for more fun with hiking and panoramic views of the surrounding areas.
Rio de Janeiro has preserved its cultural development and history within museums across the city, where visitors are welcome to learn a thing or two, as well as appreciate the intricate masterpieces and stunning artwork displayed therein.

When to visit Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro experiences a tropical savanna climate with some of its weather characteristics closely bordering a typical tropical monsoon climate. The summers are quite hot and very humid, and the winters mildly warm and moderately sunny.
During summer, the temperature shoots up to as high as 30°C (86°F), although the daily mean temperature on most days reads 27°C (80.6°F). Spikes in temperature of up to 40°C (104°F) are not rare and can be experienced occasionally, especially in the warmest summer month.
Winter is cool, mildly warm, and pleasant, with more sunshine hours per day that should for any winter season. Rainfall is usually moderately higher during winter, although it is hot as heavy as to cause floods or interruptions. Rio de Janeiro does not experience snowfall, seeing that the lowest temperature during winter does not go below 10°C (50°F) and that the average daily sunshine hours can go up to six and a half.
The period between December and March is often characterized by prolonged episodes of moderately heavy rainfall and is usually accompanied by slight flooding and mild thunderstorms.
The peak of the travel season in Rio de Janeiro is during winter. The seasons provide for ample warmth and lovely weather to tour the region and take part in several of the celebrations held. Summer also provides for a perfect time to visit Rio de Janeiro for the heat lovers especially. Many outdoor activities and water activities go vibrant and are bustling with crowds and excitement during these two seasons.
On varying dates in February and March, Rio de Janeiro holds its annual Carnaval Festival, also referred to as the biggest show on earth. The festival is held with colorful decorations and stunning samba dancers in colorful, attractive costumes. The festival is held a few days before the fasting season every year.
  • de: Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien
  • en: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • es: Río de Janeiro, Brasil
  • ru: Рио-де-Жанейро, Бразилия
  • sr: Rio de Žaneiro, Brazil
  • zh: 里约热内卢, 巴西
  • Latitude: -22.906847°
  • Longitude: -43.172896°
  • Elevation: 33 m
  • Current time: 04:08 -03
  • Sunrise: 05:44 -03
  • Sunset: 18:27 -03
  • Timezone: America/Sao_Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Rio de Janeiro @ Wikipedia
  • Christ the Redeemer - giant (98-ft.-tall) mountaintop statue of Jesus Christ, accessed by train and offering city views.
  • Maracanã - legendary home of Brazilian soccer hosting Olympic games, plus the opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Parque Lage - park with wooded trails, Christ the Redeemer statue views and a cafe and art school in an old mansion.
  • Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro - historic park featuring diverse flora and fauna, a scientific research institute and garden trails.
  • Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí - home of the Rio Carnival renovated to host Olympic and Paralympic archery and the end of the marathon.
  • Tijuca National Park - urban rainforest with hiking, waterfalls, birdwatching and vista points of Rio's iconic sights.
  • Niterói Contemporary Art Museum - extensive collection of modern art in an iconic building by the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer.
  • Copacabana Fort - fortress backdrop for the triathlon and paratriathlon transition area, road cycling and the marathon.
  • Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro - storied, Parisian-style theater from 1909 offering ballet and classical-music performances plus tours.
  • Sugar Loaf cable car - rising above Guanabara Bay, this stone mountain is reachable by gondola and offers expansive views.
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