Monthly weather forecast and climate
Walt Disney World Resort, FL

A sharp mountain peak in the animal kingdom in Walt Disney Worl Resort, Florida, with a water canal under a small bridge
A sharp mountain peak in the animal kingdom in Walt Disney Worl Resort, Florida, with a water canal under a small bridge
Walt Disney World Resort, the theme-featured wonderland, experiences a humid subtropical climate that is classified as Cfa in the Köppen climatic classification. It is characterized by sticky, hot, and wet summers and moderately dry and mildly warm winters. Rainfall is high in summer and evenly distributed in the other seasons with annual average precipitation of 45.3" (1150.6mm).

Summertime is long in Walt Disney World Resort and lasting from May through September. This period is characterized by extremely high and scorching temperatures of up to 104°F (40°C). Walt Disney World Resort has a light dressing code throughout the year, especially during summer, when the humidity is moderately high at an average of 61%. Shorts and light dresses are almost all that is needed during summer. Since the region is clustered with classy resorts, swimming pools are available in case heats gets severe. Crowds are immense in summer, and the only good thing is fourteen hours of daylight experienced. Rainfall is the highest during summer with a high average precipitation of 6.4" (162.6mm) and may bring interruptions for the fans of Disneyland. The rainfall does not alter the hot weather, and most people ignore the rain unless it is very intense. Occasionally, there are thunderstorms alongside the rain, and precaution is advised.

Autumn is short in Disney Resort and is characterized by moderately lower rainfall of an average of 2.8" (71.1mm). The recorded temperatures are mildly warm and pleasant.
Tourists that do not like extremely high temperatures visit Orlando and Resort to partake in the lovely autumn weather. A light dressing is advised as the weather remains warm, with the sun shining for an average of up to eight hours per day. As compared with summer, the daytimes stay moderately long, allowing for more time for outdoor activities.

Winter runs from December through February and has temperatures that are considered too warm for winter. The highest temperatures average at 73.4°F (23°C), making it pleasant and warm enough for outdoor activities. Winters in Walt Disney World Resort do not experience snowing or even night frosts as the temperatures are mildly warm throughout. Rainfall in winter is the least in the entire year with average low precipitation of 2.5" (63.5mm), making it mildly dry and tolerable with average humidity records of 59%. Moderately low temperatures, minimal rainfall, and tolerable humidity make winter stand out as one of the best times to be in Walt Disney World Resort.

Spring remains favorable, with mildly low temperatures measuring up to 82.4°F (28°C). The spring bloom makes the surroundings even more magical with the beautiful flowery scents and crispy fresh air. However, spring is a short period and receives moderately low rainfall, experienced mainly in the afternoons. Considering the sun shines intensely for up to nine hours per day, the rain has minimal impact on the general weather. Spring's relative humidity is at an average of 50%, making it one of the best times to tour Walt Disney World Resort.
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The best time to visit the wonderland of Walt Disney World Resort is during spring and autumn. The humidity in both seasons is well tolerated among most people, and the weather remains moderately warm and pleasant. The UV index stays in the safe zone. Therefore, it is safe to bask in the sun without extreme effects on the skin. Spring has a generally lovely surrounding as a result of the blooms around Walt Disney World Resort with beautiful scents and magical appearances in the city.
Disney Resort is beautiful, particularly during the fall, as it makes the air fresh and crisp under the warm and pleasant weather. Most days remain mildly sunny and humid, attracting more tourists than the other two seasons.

Unfortunately, summer is not the best time to visit Walt Disney World Resort. The schools are closed during summer, and this factor translates to noisy, crowded streets and most localities. Entries to many places are marked by long, discouraging queues, and other areas like hotels and restaurants are also crowded and noisy. Due to the rise in both local and international tourists, most accommodation services get fully booked and crammed. The swimming pools of most resorts are subjected to the large crowds and end up jammed by almost unmanageable crowds. The prices of most commodities hike considerably, taking advantage of the high numbers of people. Flights may be scarce since, like any other services, they remain fully booked. These circumstances, along with high sweltering temperatures, are making summer holidays in the Resort and Orlando almost impossible to bear. During the summer season, many locals flee Orlando for other moderately warm and tolerable cities.

In summer, the extremely high temperatures and sunshine hours raise the UV index to an average of eleven. Exposing to the direct sun is hazardous due to the risk of complications associated with prolonged exposure to UV rays. The high rainfall in summer is hazardous as it induces dangers related to flooding and thunderstorms.
Hurricanes may accompany the high rains of summer, particularly in June. Historically, they have caused significant damage to Walt Disney World Resort.

Temperature varies between 71.6°F (22°C) and 46.4°F (8°C) with most days staying warm and pleasant and the nights turning out cooler and tolerably warm. It may feel chilly at night, but it is a familiar occurrence easily managed by a warm dressing. Weather in January »

There is a slight increase in temperatures to 50°F (10°C) on the coldest days and 73.4°F (23°C) on the warmest days. The temperatures are perfect for most outdoor activities. Weather in February »

March in Walt Disney Resort experiences a rise in the temperatures to read between 53.6°F (12°C) and 78.8°F (26°C) ushering in spring. Flowers bloom everywhere, creating lovely scenes throughout the park. Weather in March »

The temperatures rise further to read between 59°F (15°C) and 82°F (27.8°C), and the weather remains friendly as the blooming progress. Expect light afternoon showers for as many as five days. Weather in April »

The average high temperature rises to 89.6°F (32°C), and the lowest read 64.4°F (18°C). With the moderately high humidity of 49.9%, the weather starts to feel warm and occasionally scorching during the day. Weather in May »

Temperatures increase significantly varying between 71.6°F (22°C) and 89.6°F (32°C). The days are sweltering, and dressing appropriately is recommended. Using umbrellas, hats, and sunglasses for protection against the heat is recommended. Weather in June »

Being the peak of summer, expect a generally highly warm, sunny, and rainy month. Temperatures remain steady and read between 73.4°F (23°C) and 93.2°F (34°C). Weather in July »

Temperatures in August remain high, between 73.4°F (23°C) and 91.4°F (33°C) and most days are generally wet, scorching, and sunny with moderately high humidity of 60%. The hours of sunshine in August in the amazing Walt Disney World Resort regularly remain at eight. Weather in August »

Average temperatures decrease lightly to read between 71.6°F (22°C) and 89.6°F (32°C). Weather is still hot and scorching despite nearing autumn. Weather in September »

Autumn comes to Walt Disney World Resort fully in October and lasts only for two months or less. Characterized by a further decrease in temperatures to lows of 66.2°F (19°C) and highs of 84.2°F (29°C), the weather becomes bearable especially with the reduction of humidity to 57.8%. Weather in October »

Temperatures average lows of 57.2°F (14°C) and highs of 78.8°F (26°C) with the tolerable humidity of 56% making November one of the best to be in Walt Disney World Resort. Weather in November »

The coldest periods have an average of 51.8°F (11°C), and the warmest days read 71.6°F (22°C). Activities in the sun are popular again, and the number of tourists who fled the heat in previous months increases. Weather in December »

What is the coldest month in Walt Disney World Resort?

January is the coldest month in Walt Disney World Resort, with an average high-temperature of 71.6°F (22°C) and an average low-temperature of 48.2°F (9°C).

How many days does it rain in Walt Disney World Resort?

In Walt Disney World Resort, during the entire year, the rain falls for 112 days, and collects up to 49.1" (1248mm) of precipitation.

What is the warmest month in Walt Disney World Resort?

Warmest months in Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, are June through August, with an average high-temperature of 91.4°F (33°C).

What is the rainiest month in Walt Disney World Resort?

The month with the most rainfall is July when the rain falls for 16 days and typically aggregates up to 7.6" (194mm) of precipitation.

What is the driest month in Walt Disney World Resort?

November is the month with the least rainfall in Walt Disney World Resort. Rain falls for 7 days and accumulates 2" (51mm) of precipitation.
Average rainfall - Walt Disney World Resort, FL
Average rainfall days - Walt Disney World Resort, FL
Average daylight / Average sunshine - Walt Disney World Resort, FL

The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 13.9h).
The month with shortest days is December (Average daylight: 10.4h).

Months with most sunshine are March, April, May, June and July (Average sunshine: 9h).
Months with least sunshine are January, October, November and December (Average sunshine: 7).

Average UV index - Walt Disney World Resort, FL