About Us

Weather-Atlas.com provides detailed weather forecasts and climate information for over 700.000 locations worldwide.

Weather forecasts include current temperature and weather conditions, hourly weather forecasts for today and tomorrow, and a detailed 10-day forecast.
Climate information represent weather patterns averaged over a 10 to 30-year period.

How hot is it expected to get today?
Will it rain tomorrow?
What is the forecast for the weekend?
What time will the thunderstorm hit?
How long will the heatwave last?
Is a cold front approaching?
Are we in for a dry spell?
Will it be sunny for the outdoor event?
Is it safe to go boating in this weather?
Will it rain on my wedding day in September?
What are the conditions for skiing in December?

Every day, around the globe, people rely on weather forecasts to make choices that impact their comfort, well-being, and safety.

Our goal is to provide easy-to-understand, accurate, and reliable weather information to assist in preparing for any meteorological challenges that Mother Earth may present.
As we continually aim to improve our service, expect increasingly detailed forecasts and multi-layered information that offers quick, at-a-glance insights while also encouraging users to explore further for additional details.

Initiated in Serbia in 2002, our company has grown over the past 20 years to operate on an international scale. For information about our team and headquarters, please visit the contact page.