April weather forecast

Flag of Angola
Flag of Angola

Weather in April

April in Angola marks the tail end of the rainy season. As a transition month, the rainfall continues to decrease across the country, paving the way for the forthcoming dry season. The average temperatures maintain steady, generally ranging between 25°C to 30°C, providing a warm yet less intense heat than the peak rainy season.

In the northern regions of Angola, including cities like Luanda and Malanje, rainfall significantly reduces compared to the earlier months, averaging 80mm. While travel conditions improve with less precipitation, sporadic showers can still occur.

In contrast, the southern parts of the country, such as Lubango and Namibe, witness further decrease in rainfall, with averages falling to 20mm. The temperatures in these southern regions continue to be slightly cooler, typically fluctuating between 20°C to 25°C.

The coastal regions like Lobito persist in experiencing moderated temperatures due to the Benguela Current. Average temperatures in these areas range from 20°C to 25°C, providing a respite from the warmer interior regions.

Comparing April to the preceding month of March, the weather continues its progression towards drier conditions with further reduction in rainfall. As the country moves into May, the dry season sets in, resulting in minimal rainfall and consistently warm temperatures.

  • Luanda - April »
    In Luanda in April, the average water temperature is 27.8°C. In Luanda, in April, the average water temperature is 27.8°C.
  • Huambo - April »
    As Huambo transitions into April, the average high-temperature stands at a still warm 24.1°C, offering little variation from the preceding month. The month with the least sunshine in Huambo is April, with an average of 6.7h of sunshine.
  • Lobito - April »
    In Lobito in April, during 13.3 rainfall days, 32mm of precipitation is typically accumulated. April maintains the high temperatures seen in March but brings a decrease in precipitation making Lobito weather somewhat dryer.
  • Benguela - April »
    April, marked by an average high-temperature of 29.8°C and a low-temperature of 25°C, is the warmest month in Benguela. In Benguela in April, it is raining for 13.3 days, with typically 32mm of accumulated precipitation.
  • Kuito - April »
    Kuito ushers in April with an average high temperature of a still moderately hot 24°C, mirroring closely the previous month. When is the sunrise / sunset in April in Kuito?
  • Lubango - April »
    In Lubango, in April, it is raining for 19.5 days, with typically 180mm of accumulated precipitation. In April, in Lubango, the rain falls for 19.5 days.
  • Namibe - April »
    The months with the warmest seawater in Namibe are February through April, with an average sea temperature of 24°C. February through April, with an average sea temperature of 24°C, are months with the warmest seawater in Namibe.
  • Soyo - April »
    In April, the sea temperature in Soyo starts to recede, dropping to 27.9°C, marking the onset of a gradual cooling phenomenon. On the first day of April in Soyo, sunrise is at 06:13 and sunset at 18:16.
  • Cabinda - April »
    In Cabinda in April, during 22.2 rainfall days, 105mm of precipitation is typically accumulated. Cabinda consistently logs a low temperature averaging a still moderately hot 26.1°C during April, a modest drop from daytime temperatures.
  • Uige - April »
    In April, in Uige the rain falls for 26.2 days. On the first day of April in Uige, sunrise is at 06:02 and sunset at 18:04.


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