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Knokke-Heist, Belgium


The climate of Knokke-Heist

Comfortable temperatures and consistent rainfall define Knokke-Heist's overall climate, which, according to the Köppen climate classification, falls under the Cfb category. This beloved Belgian town, benefiting from a Marine west coast, warm summer categorization, experiences no dry season. A noticeable pattern in this weather type includes not only mild to warm summers but also cool winters that rarely endure intensely cold conditions. Geographically, Knokke-Heist resides on Belgium's northern coastline, giving it the major influence of the North Sea on its weather patterns.

Throughout the year diverse meteorological parameters bring a distinct rhythm to Knokke-Heist's weather story. Ocean temperature varies monthly, from a cool 7.1°C (44.8°F) in March to a pleasantly warm 18.4°C (65.1°F) by August, returning to a chillier 10.5°C (50.9°F) once December arrives. Variations in daylight hours are also significant, with a minimal 8 hours in December rising to a peak of 16.5 hours come June. This pattern contributes greatly to the distinction between the city's four clearly definable seasons.

Unique weather landscapes emerge from these variations. In the depth of winter, short daylight hours and cooler sea temperatures prevail, while the heart of summer brings with it long, sunny days and considerably warmer waters.

The best time to visit Knokke-Heist

The best moments to experience Knokke-Heist tend to coincide with lengthy daylight hours and temperate ocean waters, from May to August. During this advantageous bracket, visitors can relish in average sea temperatures from 11.8°C (53.2°F) in May to a delightful 18.4°C (65.1°F) in August, allowing for enjoyable beachside activities. Moreover, abundant daylight stretching from 15.6 hours in May to 14.5 hours in August grants ample time for exploration and outdoor pursuits.

The worst time to visit Knokke-Heist

Contrarily, Knokke-Heist's challenging weather phase can be identified between December and March. Sea temperatures reach an annual nadir at 7.1°C (44.8°F) to 9.2°C (48.6°F), deterring most beachfront activities. Couple this with shortened daylight durations from 8 to 10 hours, and the city's grandeur may lose a bit of its shine for those not content with a cooler, quieter visit.

Spring weather in Knokke-Heist

Spring in Knokke-Heist, appearing from March to May, presents a time of gradual warming. Sea temperatures rise moderately from a cool 7.1°C (44.8°F) in March to a more noticeable 11.8°C (53.2°F) by May. Daylight hours follow a similar upward trend, growing from 11.9 hours in March to 15.6 hours in May. This period showcases the city in a refreshing light, painting an ideal scene for outdoor activities and leisure walks.

Summer weather in Knokke-Heist

The arrival of June welcomes summer in Knokke-Heist with temperatures and daylight durations at their zenith. From the starting warmth of 14.8°C (58.6°F) sea temperature in June, it progressively hits 18.4°C (65.1°F) in August, then down a notch to 18.2°C (64.8°F) in September. Daylight hours peak at 16.5 in June, slowly decreasing to 12.6 hours in September, offering extended timeframes for explorations, beach outings, and sightseeing.

Autumn weather in Knokke-Heist

Autumn, beginning in October and lasting through November, brings a slow but steady drop in sea temperature and daylight hours. Ocean temperature takes a downward turn from 16.1°C (61°F) in October to 13.8°C (56.8°F) in November. Concurrently, daylight contracts from 10.7 to 8.9 hours. This period accentuates the town's natural beauty as leaf colors change - a spectacle best enjoyed during daylight hours.

Winter weather in Knokke-Heist

Winter in Knokke-Heist, running from December through February, is the period with the lowest sea temperatures and shortest daylight hours. Sea temperature during this period ranges from 10.5°C (50.9°F) in December to 7.1°C (44.8°F) in February. Daylight hours dwindle to an annual low, with only 8 hours in December through February. The colder temperatures and limited daylight make this period less conducive to outdoor activities but provides an alternative view of Knokke-Heist's charm under a winter's blanket.

Weather in January

The beginning of the year greets Knokke-Heist, Belgium with a mild climate, making it suitable for outdoor activities. The primary characteristic of the weather remains consistent throughout the month, with merely a slight variation. Weather in January »

Weather in February

Knokke-Heist embraces February with a similar weather pattern as observed in the previous month. The climatic symmetry between January and February is palpable with occasional clear days embellishing the city's elegance. Stepping into March, the weather witnesses an appreciable change, bringing more daylight hours and a slight shift in the sea temperature. Weather in February »

Weather in March

March brings a transition in Knokke-Heist's weather, building a bridge from the frigid winter to the pleasant spring. The noticeable alteration in the temperature and daylight hours from February to March makes it convenient for the inhabitants to adapt to the changing seasons. Weather in March »

Weather in April

The city of Knokke-Heist welcomes April with a noticeable change in atmospheric conditions. The transition between March and April is smooth, yet the variance in sea temperature and daylight hours indicate the onset of spring in full bloom. Weather in April »

Weather in May

May marks the preliminary entry of summer in Knokke-Heist, driving the scenic city into vibrant colors. The predominant variance in climatic elements from April to May brings an added charm to the city, marking the commencement of the peak tourist season. Weather in May »

Weather in June

June in Knokke-Heist introduces a subtle and gradual climax in the city's summer season. The progression from May to June is barely noticeable, barring a slight increase in sea temperature and daylight hours. However, a shift towards July paints a different picture, where the weather takes a turn towards the apex of summer. Weather in June »

Weather in July

July brings the peak of summer to the city of Knokke-Heist with longer days and warm seawater. The weather conditions during this month stand starkly distinct from the previous month and significantly contrast to what can be expected in the upcoming August. Weather in July »

Weather in August

August continues the sultry summer spirit in Knokke-Heist, reassuring the city's appeal to the sun-seekers. The climate undergoes minimal changes from July to August, with mildly predictable weather conditions. A shift towards September initiates a gradual farewell to the summer, making every moment count for the beach-goers. Weather in August »

Weather in September

September in Knokke-Heist marks the transition from sultry summer days to cooler autumnal months. While September boasts longer daylight hours than October, temperatures and sea tides tend to drop gradually throughout the month. Weather in September »

Weather in October

October announces autumn's arrival in full swing in Knokke-Heist. The shift from September to October brings visible changes in weather patterns, with noticeably shorter days than the previous month. A progression into November amplifies this variation, with the arrival of early signs of winter. Weather in October »

Weather in November

November highlights the onset of winter in the city of Knokke-Heist, following autumn's departure. The transition between October and November introduces cooler winds, fewer daylight hours, and a significant drop in sea temperature. Weather in November »

Weather in December

December marks the full arrival of the winter season in Knokke-Heist. The shift from November to December brings drastic changes in weather conditions, primarily characterized by short days, cold winds, and a significant drop in sea temperature. Weather in December »

Frequently asked questions

What is the month with the coldest sea water in Knokke-Heist?

With an average sea temperature of 7.1°C (44.8°F), March is the month with the coldest seawater in Knokke-Heist, Belgium.

When are the longest days in Knokke-Heist?

With an average of 16h and 30min of daylight, June has the longest days of the year.

What month is the sea warmest in Knokke-Heist?

The month with the warmest seawater in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, is August, with an average sea temperature of 18.4°C (65.1°F).

When is Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Knokke-Heist?

On Sunday, 27. October 2024, at 03:00, Daylight Saving Time ends, and the time zone changes from CEST to CET. The next Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday, 30. March 2025, at 02:00, and the time zone reverts from CET to CEST.

What is the month with the shortest days in Knokke-Heist?

The month with the shortest days in Knokke-Heist is December, with an average of 8h and 0min of daylight.

Average sea temperature
Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Average sea temperature - Knokke-Heist, Belgium

The best month for swimming (with the highest average sea temperature) is August (18.4°C).
The coldest month (with the lowest average sea temperature) is March (7.1°C).


Average daylight
Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Average daylight - Knokke-Heist, Belgium

The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 16h and 30min).
The month with the shortest days is December (Average daylight: 8h and 0min).


Knokke-Heist, Belgium

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