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Yangquan, China


The climate of Yangquan

Yangquan, China is under the spell of the Dwa climate classification, a Humid Continental climate characterized by its severe dry winters and hot summers. Located in the eastern part of China, Yangquan is nestled in Shanxi Province. Geographical positioning influences its weather significantly, resulting in seasons marked by dramatic thaws from severe cold to blistering heat.

In accordance with Dwa classification, Yangquan's weather changes fundamentally and intensely throughout the year. The monthly average temperatures exhibit significant shifts, trailing from a minimum of -7.8°C (18°F) in the depth of winter to a scorching 29.4°C (84.9°F) in the peak of summer. More than a tripling of temperature is seen from the chilling depth of winter to the dry, heated heart of summer.

Rainfall in Yangquan also displays clear seasonal trends. The driest month is December with an average of only 4mm (0.16") reported. However, a marked increase in rainfall occurs as the year progresses, with July registering the highest precipitation of 131mm (5.16"). Rainfall days follow a similar pattern, with the least rainy days recorded in snowy December (2 days) and the maximum in water-laden July (14.6 days). The daylight hours follow the predictable annual rise and fall, with 9.6 hours of sunlight during darkest December to 14.8 hours in joyous June.

The best time to visit Yangquan

Given the dramatic variations in climate throughout the year, planning a trip to Yangquan needs careful consideration. The most favourable time to visit Yangquan is from May, when the average low temperature rises above 10°C (50°F), to October when temperatures haven’t yet returned to freezing. During this period, the weather is warm yet generally not oppressive, with temperatures ranging from a pleasant 13.1°C (55.6°F) to a more heated 27.7°C (81.9°F), making this timeframe ideal for exploring the city's sights and enjoying outdoor activities. It should be noted, however, that summer months can bring higher levels of rainfall - upwards to 131mm (5.16") in July, so travelers should be prepared for occasional rain despite the heat.

The worst time to visit Yangquan

Venturing to Yangquan during the depths of winter could be a challenging attempt. From December to February, the weather switches from merely cold to severe frost, as temperatures plummet to record lows of -7.8°C (18°F). Combined with reduced daylight hours, reaching a minimum of 9.6 hours in December, outdoor activities can become quite restrictive and less pleasant.

Spring weather in Yangquan

Spring in Yangquan is a time of resurgence and change, with temperatures making a swift recovery from the frigid winter lows. Average temperatures rise from 11°C (51.8°F) in March to 25.4°C (77.7°F) in May. Additionally, daylight hours increase from 12 to 14.2. Rainfall also begins to make an appearance from a meager 15mm (0.59") in March to a notable 44mm (1.73") in May.

Summer weather in Yangquan

With temperatures topping the yearly high at 29.4°C (84.9°F), summer in Yangquan can be intensely warm. Coupled with the highest recorded rainfall of the year, hitting up to 131mm (5.16") in July, humidity levels may also soar. Despite the scorching sun and occasional showers, summer boasts the longest daylight hours, peaking at 14.8 hours in June, offering ample time for sightseeing and exploration.

Autumn weather in Yangquan

As autumn falls over Yangquan, the summer heat begins to wane, with average temperatures receding from 23.9°C (75°F) in September to 10.3°C (50.5°F) in November. Simultaneously, daylight hours decrease to 10.2 hours and rainfall over this period takes a nose-dive from 62mm (2.44") in September to 12mm (0.47") in November, presenting drier and cooler ambient conditions.

Winter weather in Yangquan

Winter sets in Yangquan with a significant drop in temperatures, from 4.2°C (39.6°F) in December down to -7.8°C (18°F) in January. The city’s rainfall hits the annual low with just 4mm (0.16") in December, also registering minimum daylight hours of 9.6. A defining feature of Yangquan's Dwa climate, severe dry winter months of Yangquan require ample preparation for outdoor activities, ensuring suitable clothing to endure the cold and reduced daylight hours.

Weather in January

During the peak of winter in Yangquan, China, January experiences a chilly climate. The city records its lowest temperatures in January, with the average low temperature plummeting to -7.8°C (18°F) and the average high temperature standing at a modest 2.3°C (36.1°F). Weather in January »

Weather in February

With February, there is a minor rise in the temperature in Yangquan, but the winter chill is still present. The shift from January to February is subtle with a marginal increase in both temperature and rainfall. The temperatures progress from 2.3°C (36.1°F) high in January to 5.1°C (41.2°F) high in February, while rainfall increases to 7mm (0.28"). Weather in February »

Weather in March

In March, Yangquan embraces early signs of spring with warmer days. The change from February's winter chill to a more agreeable weather is noticeable. A rise to 11°C (51.8°F) as a high-temperature average further accentuates the transition into warmer days while the average low temperature inches above the freezing point to -0.1°C (31.8°F). Weather in March »

Weather in April

April brings a considerable enhancement in the weather of Yangquan with comfortable temperatures and increased rainfall. There is a considerable improvement from March's weather, with the maximum temperature rising to 19.6°C (67.3°F) and rainfall increasing to 21mm (0.83"). Weather in April »

Weather in May

May clearly marks the start of summer in Yangquan. The warm rays of sunlight elevate the city's atmosphere, moving it away from the breezy spring. The high-temperature average soars to a toasty 25.4°C (77.7°F), marking a substantial increase from April's comfortable temperature. Weather in May »

Weather in June

June signifies the peak of summer in Yangquan. With an average high temperature of 29°C (84.2°F) and average low temperature of 17.3°C (63.1°F), the weather is warm and welcoming. June brings in the maximum rainfall from May to September, gushing down 72mm (2.83") on the city, setting the onset of the rainy season. Weather in June »

Weather in July

July in Yangquan is characterized by frequent showers and hot temperatures. The intensity of rainfall reaches its peak in July at a whopping 131mm (5.16"). Temperatures hover around a hot 29.4°C (84.9°F) high and a warm 19.6°C (67.3°F) low, making it the hottest month of the year. Weather in July »

Weather in August

August in Yangquan experiences high temperatures similar to July but with a slight slack in the rainfall. Transition from July's peak rainfall to a relative decrease to 120mm (4.72") in August signifies the gradual retreat of the rainy season. Weather in August »

Weather in September

September brings the onset of autumn in Yangquan with a significant drop in temperature and reduction in rainfall. The maximum temperature dips to 23.9°C (75°F), and rainfall recedes to 62mm (2.44"), making the weather notably cooler and drier than the summer months. Weather in September »

Weather in October

October further deepens the essence of autumn in Yangquan. As the city transitions from the moderate September weather, the temperatures continue their downward trend. The drop in maximum temperature to 18.3°C (64.9°F) and a decline in rainfall to 26mm (1.02") is a stark contrast from the preceding humid summer months. Weather in October »

Weather in November

November sees the onset of winter in Yangquan with a substantial drop in temperature and drastic reduction in rain. The weather shift is noticeable as the high temperature average sharply falls to 10.3°C (50.5°F) and rainfall declines to a mere 12mm (0.47"). Weather in November »

Weather in December

December in Yangquan represents a full-fledged arrival of winter with temperatures plunging further from November. The high-temperature average dips to 4.2°C (39.6°F), and the low-temperature average falls to -5.3°C (22.5°F), thereby ensuring a cold and frosty climate. Weather in December »

Frequently asked questions

What month is the coldest in Yangquan?

In Yangquan, January registers the lowest temperatures, averaging 2.3°C (36.1°F) at the peak and -7.8°C (18°F) at the lowest.

How much does it rain in Yangquan?

In Yangquan, China, during the entire year, the rain falls for 80.4 days and collects up to 516mm (20.31") of precipitation.

When are the longest days in Yangquan?

June has the longest days of the year in Yangquan, with an average of 14h and 42min of daylight.

What time of the year is the hottest in Yangquan?

In Yangquan, July is identified by the average highest temperatures, reaching a peak of 29.4°C (84.9°F) and a low of 19.6°C (67.3°F).

What is the wettest month in Yangquan?

The month with the most rainfall in Yangquan, China, is July, when the rain falls for 14.6 days and typically aggregates up to 131mm (5.16") of precipitation.

What is the driest month in Yangquan?

The month with the least rainfall in Yangquan, China, is December, when the rain falls for 2 days and typically collects 4mm (0.16") of precipitation.

What is the month with the shortest days in Yangquan?

The month with the shortest days in Yangquan, China, is December, with an average of 9h and 36min of daylight.

Is there Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Yangquan?

Yangquan, China, does not utilize Daylight Saving Time (DST). CST timezone is used throughout the entire year.

Average rainfall
Yangquan, China

Average rainfall - Yangquan, China

The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is July (130.9mm).
The driest month (with the least rainfall) is December (3.9mm).


Average rainfall days
Yangquan, China

Average rainfall days - Yangquan, China

The month with the highest number of rainy days is July (14.6 days).
The month with the least rainy days is December (2 days).


Average daylight
Yangquan, China

Average daylight - Yangquan, China

The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 14h and 42min).
The month with the shortest days is December (Average daylight: 9h and 36min).


Yangquan, China

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