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Flag of French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Weather in January

January is situated at the height of summer in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, marking one of the warmest periods of the year for this oceanic region. During this month, the average temperature is around 10°C (50°F), providing comparatively milder conditions than other months. The highest temperatures of the year often occur in January, although 'high' in this context still equates to relatively cool conditions due to the region's proximity to Antarctica.

As the French Southern and Antarctic Lands comprise multiple islands and archipelagos, the weather can vary slightly across different locations. However, generally, the weather patterns remain similar due to the overall maritime influence. Kerguelen Islands, one of the most notable landforms within the territory, experiences similar conditions to the overall trend with average temperatures close to 10°C (50°F).

In terms of precipitation, January does not differ significantly from other summer months like December or February. Rainfall is relatively common, but typically light and short-lived, making it one of the wetter months of the year due to the increased temperature. However, it's important to note that, given the region's geographical location, January's weather can still be rather unpredictable. Clear, sunny days can quickly turn into periods of fog, rain, or even snow.

January stands in stark contrast to the cooler months of December and February. While December transitions from the slightly cooler spring season, February ushers in the gradual cooling that leads to autumn. Therefore, January typically presents the most favourable conditions for visiting the French Southern and Antarctic Lands. The lengthy daylight hours, along with the warmer temperatures, provide an optimal environment for exploring the diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes the region offers.

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    In Port-aux-Français during January, the rain falls for 16 days and regularly aggregates up to 49mm (1.93") of precipitation. The months with the highest UV index in Port-aux-Français, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, are January and December, with an average maximum UV index of 8.

French Southern and Antarctic Lands

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