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Flag of Guatemala
Flag of Guatemala

The climate of Guatemala

Guatemala, located in Central America and bordered by Mexico to the north and west, boasts a diverse geography that includes the Pacific lowlands, the highlands, and the Petén region to the north. These geographical variations significantly contribute to the country's varied climate conditions, in accordance with the Köppen classification of an Oceanic Subtropical Highland Climate. This warm temperate climate witnesses dry winters and warm summers, with the coldest month maintaining a temperature range warmer than -3°C (26.6°F) and colder than 18°C (64.4°F). The striking distinction between the dry winters and the wet summer season is a primary feature of this climate type.

The best time to visit Guatemala

The best time to visit Guatemala often coincides with the dry season, running from November to April. During this period, the weather is generally mild and pleasant, providing optimal conditions for outdoor activities and sightseeing. The temperature ranges from 15°C (59°F) to 25°C (77°F), with minimum rainfall, making it ideal for exploring the country's Mayan ruins, colonial cities, and natural landscapes. During this period, Guatemala’s highlands offer daytime temperatures averaging 20°C (68°F) and cooler nights, thus making for a comfortable holiday experience.

The worst time to visit Guatemala

Conversely, the period from May to October represents the rainy season in Guatemala, often considered less favorable for travel due to heavy precipitation and potential disruption to activities. Rainfall during these months can reach up to 200mm (7.87"), particularly along the Pacific Coast and in the northern lowlands. Furthermore, the temperatures during this period can reach up to 28°C (82.4°F), making for a humid climate that some visitors may find uncomfortable. However, it is essential to note that mornings are usually clear and sunny, with rains typically occurring in the afternoon and evening.

Spring weather in Guatemala

Spring in Guatemala, typically from March to May, is the transition period from the dry season to the wet season. March still experiences remnants of the dry season, with little rainfall and temperatures ranging from 20°C (68°F) to 30°C (86°F). April sees an increase in rainfall, but it usually remains mild. May, however, marks the onset of the rainy season, with increased precipitation levels and temperatures hovering around 25°C (77°F) to 30°C (86°F).

Summer weather in Guatemala

Summer, running from June to August, is part of the rainy season in Guatemala. These months witness significant rainfall, particularly in the highlands and along the Pacific Coast, with precipitation levels reaching up to 200mm (7.87") per month. Despite the rain, the temperature remains warm, with averages between 25°C (77°F) to 28°C (82.4°F). It is important to remember that despite being rainy, the mornings often remain clear and sunny.

Autumn weather in Guatemala

The autumn months from September to November also belong to the rainy season, with September and October experiencing the heaviest rainfall of the year. Rainfall can reach up to 250mm (9.84"), especially in the northern lowlands. Temperatures during these months range from 20°C (68°F) to 25°C (77°F), providing a cool contrast to the summer heat. By November, the rains start to subside, indicating the onset of the dry season.

Winter weather in Guatemala

Winter in Guatemala, from December to February, coincides with the dry season. During this period, rainfall is minimal, and temperatures range between 15°C (59°F) to 25°C (77°F). The highland regions can get relatively cooler, with night temperatures sometimes dropping below 10°C (50°F). These months provide a respite from the heavy rains and offer the most comfortable weather conditions for exploring Guatemala's rich cultural and natural beauty.

Weather in January

January in Guatemala falls within the dry season, succeeding the cool month of December and preceding the gradually warming February. Characterized by moderate temperatures and low precipitation, this month provides comfortable weather for visitors and residents alike. Temperatures in January usually fluctuate between 15°C (59°F) to 25°C (77°F) across the country. Weather in January »

Weather in February

February continues the dry season in Guatemala, following the pleasantly cool January and preceding the slightly warmer March. With its low precipitation levels and moderate temperatures, February remains a favorable period for exploration and outdoor activities. The temperature during February usually fluctuates between 16°C (60.8°F) to 26°C (78.8°F) across the country. Weather in February »

Weather in March

March in Guatemala signifies the tail end of the dry season. Following the comfortable weather of February and preceding the transitional month of April, March offers low precipitation levels and slightly warmer temperatures, making it an optimal time for outdoor pursuits. Temperatures during March typically range from 17°C (62.6°F) to 27°C (80.6°F) across the country, but variations exist due to Guatemala's geographical diversity. Weather in March »

Weather in April

April in Guatemala signifies a transitional period as the country moves from the dry season into the wet season. Following the warm and dry month of March, and preceding the considerably wetter month of May, April witnesses an increase in rainfall and continued warm temperatures. Across the country, temperatures during April typically vary between 18°C (64.4°F) to 28°C (82.4°F). Weather in April »

Weather in May

May in Guatemala marks the onset of the rainy season. Following the transitional month of April and preceding the wetter month of June, May experiences a significant increase in rainfall alongside warm temperatures, signaling a change in the climate. Across the country, temperatures during May generally fluctuate between 19°C (66.2°F) to 29°C (84.2°F), although local variations exist due to Guatemala's diverse geography. Weather in May »

Weather in June

June in Guatemala sits firmly within the rainy season. Following the significantly wetter month of May and preceding the equally rainy month of July, June experiences high levels of rainfall along with consistently warm temperatures. Across the country, temperatures during June usually vary between 19°C (66.2°F) to 29°C (84.2°F), with local variations due to Guatemala's diverse geographical regions. Weather in June »

Weather in July

July in Guatemala is in the heart of the rainy season. It follows the wet month of June and precedes the similarly rainy month of August. This period is marked by substantial rainfall and warm temperatures, indicative of the wet season's peak. Temperatures during July generally range between 19°C (66.2°F) to 29°C (84.2°F) across the country, with some variations due to the nation's diverse geography. Weather in July »

Weather in August

August in Guatemala remains firmly within the rainy season, following the notably wet July and preceding the slightly less rainy September. With heavy rainfall and warm temperatures, August stands as a continuation of the peak wet season. Across the country, temperatures during August typically range from 19°C (66.2°F) to 29°C (84.2°F). Weather in August »

Weather in September

September in Guatemala marks the beginning of the transition towards the end of the rainy season. Following the peak wet month of August and preceding the significantly less rainy month of October, September experiences slightly reduced rainfall levels alongside continued warm temperatures. Across the country, temperatures during September generally range between 19°C (66.2°F) to 29°C (84.2°F), though there are regional variations due to Guatemala's geographical diversity. Weather in September »

Weather in October

October in Guatemala represents a further progression towards the end of the rainy season. Following the slightly less wet month of September and preceding the significantly drier month of November, October witnesses a notable reduction in rainfall levels while maintaining warm temperatures. Countrywide, temperatures during October typically fluctuate between 18°C (64.4°F) to 28°C (82.4°F), with some local variations due to Guatemala's diverse geography. Weather in October »

Weather in November

November in Guatemala signifies a substantial shift towards the dry season. Following the less rainy month of October and preceding the dry month of December, November witnesses a significant reduction in rainfall levels, while temperatures begin to cool slightly. Across the country, temperatures during November typically vary between 16°C (60.8°F) to 26°C (78.8°F), with regional variations resulting from Guatemala's geographical diversity. Weather in November »

Weather in December

December in Guatemala heralds the onset of the dry season in full swing. Following the transitional month of November and preceding the equally dry month of January, December is characterized by minimal rainfall and slightly cooler temperatures. Countrywide, temperatures during December generally fluctuate between 15°C (59°F) to 25°C (77°F), though there are localized variations resulting from Guatemala's diverse geography. Weather in December »


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