Climate and monthly weather forecast
Tobruk, Libya


The climate of Tobruk

Tobruk, Libya lies in the subtropical desert according to the Köppen climate classification. This city experiences a typical BWh climate with high temperatures combined with extreme aridity. The monthly average high temperatures range from 16°C (60.8°F) in January to a peak of 28°C (82.4°F) recorded from July to September. Notably, there are minimal variations in daily temperatures. The cooler months from January to March and November and December see a daily temperature range from 12°C (53.6°F) to 18°C (64.4°F). The warmer months, from April to October, are characterized by daily temperatures fluctuating from 16°C (60.8°F) to 28°C (82.4°F).

Throughout the year, Tobruk receives scanty rainfall, with significant rainfall absent from June to September. January records the highest rainfall of 30mm (1.18") and an average of 7 rain days. Conversely, the city experiences long hours of daylight varying from 10.1 hours in December to 14.2 hours in June. Sunshine hours are notably high as well, ranging from 6 hours in January and December to 12 hours between June and August.

A unique pattern of coastal influence is evident in the sea temperatures, which are relatively constant throughout the year, varying from 16°C (60.8°F) to 26°C (78.8°F). Tobruk also experiences high UV indices, particularly during the peak summer, indicating a high degree of solar radiation, requiring adequate protection when outdoors during these months.

The best time to visit Tobruk

The most agreeable time to visit Tobruk would be during narrow window between April and May. During these months, the city enjoys pleasant weather with average high temperatures fluctuating between 21°C (69.8°F) and 23°C (73.4°F). The rainfall is insignificant, barely reaching 5mm (0.2"), paving the way for uninterrupted outdoor activities. Furthermore, travellers can also relish long daylight hours, extending up to 13.8 hours in May. The sea temperatures during these months remain comfortable between 17°C (62.6°F) to 19°C (66.2°F), facilitating water-based excursions and activities.

The worst time to visit Tobruk

The least favourable time to visit Tobruk would be during the summer months from June to September. During this period, the city experiences high temperatures, soaring up to 28°C (82.4°F) with no precipitation. While the sea temperature rises to a comfortable 25°C (77°F) to 26°C (78.8°F), the high UV index that reaches up to 11 requires careful planning and precautions to avoid discomfort or health risks related to overexposure to the sun.

Spring weather in Tobruk

Spring months of March, April and May bring mild warmth to Tobruk. This period sees a steady rise in average high temperatures from 18°C (64.4°F) to 23°C (73.4°F). The city experiences a decline in rainfall, reducing from 10mm (0.39") in March to a meager 3mm (0.12") by May. Sunlight hours burgeon from 12 hours in March to 13.8 hours in May. Sea temperatures during this season fluctuate between 16°C (60.8°F) and 19°C (66.2°F).

Summer weather in Tobruk

Summers in Tobruk, from June to September, are characterized by high temperatures, zero rainfall and abundant sunshine. During these months, average high temperatures remain constant at 28°C (82.4°F), and the city witnesses zero precipitation. Daylight extends up to 14.2 hours in June, providing ample light-filled hours in a day. Correspondingly, extensive sunshine hours ranging from 12 to 10 hours characterize this season. Despite the high ambient temperatures, the sea temperature remains comfortable, reaching up to 26°C (78.8°F) in August.

Autumn weather in Tobruk

Autumn months in Tobruk, that is October and November, introduce a downward shift in temperature patterns. Average high temperatures moderate from 25°C (77°F) in October to 22°C (71.6°F) by November. Rainfall begins to reappear, albeit slightly, increasing from 10mm (0.39") in October to 15mm (0.59") in November. Daylight hours begin to dwindle from 11.4 hours in October to 10.5 hours by November. The sea temperatures cool down from 24°C (75.2°F) to 21°C (69.8°F) across these months.

Winter weather in Tobruk

The winter months of December, January and February in Tobruk see mild temperatures, increased rainfall and reduced sunshine hours. Average high temperatures fall to 16°C (60.8°F) in January. Rainfall peaks at 30mm (1.18") with 7 rainy days in January, making it the wettest month of the year. The city, during these months, records the shortest daylight periods of the year, with hours diminishing to 10.1 in December. Sea temperatures dip to their annual low of 17°C (62.6°F) in January and February, offering a cool respite from the relatively warmer sea temperatures experienced throughout the year.

Weather in January

Tobruk, Libya kicks off the year with mild weather that offers generous sunshine hours. The days are graced with an average of 6 hours of sun and an average daylight duration of 10.3 hours further lengthening the daytime. Temperatures oscillate between 12°C (53.6°F) and 16°C (60.8°F), making it one of Tobruk's cooler months. Weather in January »

Weather in February

As Tobruk transitions into February, a noticeable increase in UV index and sunshine hours occurs. These longer sunlit days rise from 6 hours to 7 hours, contributing to overall brighter weather. A decline in rainfall to 18mm (0.71") reduces the average rainy days to 6. Weather in February »

Weather in March

In March, Tobruk’s weather begins to warm up noticeably. The sun graces the city with even more light, featuring an added daylight hour compared to February. Elevating the UV index, now at 6, brings more vibrancy to the outdoors. Weather in March »

Weather in April

April brings Tobruk a significant increase in daily sunshine hours and a marked escalation in UV index, now at 8. As a result, the city basks in 9 hours of sunlight daily, which complements the extended daylight hours. Reduced rainfall to 5mm (0.2") and a mere one rainy day characterize April, contributing to the largely dry weather. Weather in April »

Weather in May

Tobruk welcomes May with temperatures varying from 18°C (64.4°F) to 23°C (73.4°F), bringing a beach-friendly ambience to the city. The city shines under the generous ten hours of sun, displaying sunny skies nearly all day. The impressive 10 UV index calls for adequate sun protection. Weather in May »

Weather in June

June in Tobruk is the doorway to the summer heat, with temperatures ranging from 22°C (71.6°F) to 27°C (80.6°F). Abundant sunshine of 12 hours daily is accompanied by the year's maximum UV index of 11. The city experiences reduced rainfall, recording a dry spell with no rainfall. Weather in June »

Weather in July

Tobruk's weather in July signifies peak summer conditions. The temperatures peak to a high of 28°C (82.4°F), sustaining the heatwave commenced in June. The city continues experiencing maximum daylight hours of 14 and 12 hours of uninterrupted sunshine. Weather in July »

Weather in August

In August, Tobruk continues its unimpeded warmth with prevailing temperatures ranging from 24°C (75.2°F) to 28°C (82.4°F) consistent with July. The maximum daily sunshine hours is sustained at 12 hours, allowing for prolonged outdoor activities. Weather in August »

Weather in September

September in Tobruk signals the end of the summer heat, though the temperatures remain elevated, hovering from 23°C (73.4°F) to 28°C (82.4°F). Sunshine hours begin to decline, reducing from 12 to 10 hours while daylight hours scale down to 12.4 hours. Weather in September »

Weather in October

October brings Tobruk a calming shift from the persistent summer's heat as temperatures significantly cool down, fluctuating from 20°C (68°F) to 25°C (77°F). Daily sunshine hours decline further to 8 hours, signalling shorter days ahead. Weather in October »

Weather in November

November’s arrival in Tobruk is marked by temperatures falling between 16°C (60.8°F) and 22°C (71.6°F), a noticeable drop compared to October’s warmth. Daylight hours continue contracting, with the sun shining for 7 hours daily. Weather in November »

Weather in December

Closing the year in Tobruk, December brings temperatures ranging from a cooler 12°C (53.6°F) to 18°C (64.4°F). Daylight hours see a further reduction, securing only 6 hours of sunshine. The rainfall increases to reach 30mm (1.18"), resulting in six rainy days, ensuring a wet end to the year. Weather in December »

Frequently asked questions

What part of the year is the coldest in Tobruk?

Tobruk, Libya, records the coldest temperatures in January, averaging a high of 16°C (60.8°F) and a low of 12°C (53.6°F).

How much does it rain in Tobruk?

Throughout the year, in Tobruk, Libya, there are 30 rainfall days, and 119mm (4.69") of precipitation is accumulated.

What is the month with the least sunshine in Tobruk?

January and December, with an average of 6h of sunshine, are months with the least sunshine.

What are the months with the lowest UV index in Tobruk?

The months with the lowest UV index are January and December, with an average maximum UV index of 3.

What is the month with the coldest sea water in Tobruk?

The month with the coldest seawater in Tobruk, Libya, is March, with an average sea temperature of 16°C (60.8°F).

What is the driest month in Tobruk?

In Tobruk, rain does not fall in June through September.

When are the longest days in Tobruk?

With an average of 14h and 12min of daylight, June has the longest days of the year in Tobruk, Libya.

What are the months with the most sunshine in Tobruk?

The months with the most sunshine in Tobruk, Libya, are June through August, with an average of 12h of sunshine.

What is the month with the highest UV index in Tobruk?

The months with the highest UV index are June and July, with an average maximum UV index of 11.

What time of the year is the hottest in Tobruk?

The yearly peak temperatures occur in July through September, averaging a high-temperature of 28°C (82.4°F).

When is the sea warmest in Tobruk?

August is the month with the warmest seawater, with an average sea temperature of 26°C (78.8°F).

When does it rain in Tobruk?

January through May, October through December are months with rainfall.

What is the rainiest month in Tobruk?

The month with the most rainfall in Tobruk, Libya, is December, when the rain falls for 6 days and typically aggregates up to 30mm (1.18") of precipitation.

What is the month with the shortest days in Tobruk?

The month with the shortest days is December, with an average of 10h and 6min of daylight.

Is there Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Tobruk?

Tobruk, Libya, does not observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). EET timezone is used over the entire year.

Average temperature
Tobruk, Libya

Average temperature - Tobruk, Libya

The warmest months (with the highest average high temperature) are July, August and September (28°C).
The month with the lowest average high temperature is January (16°C).

The months with the highest average low temperature are July and August (24°C).
The coldest months (with the lowest average low temperature) are January, February and December (12°C).


Average rainfall
Tobruk, Libya

Average rainfall - Tobruk, Libya

The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is December (30mm).
The driest months (with the least rainfall) are June, July, August and September (0mm).


Average rainfall days
Tobruk, Libya

Average rainfall days - Tobruk, Libya

The month with the highest number of rainy days is January (7 days).
The months with the least rainy days are June, July, August and September (0 days).


Average sea temperature
Tobruk, Libya

Average sea temperature - Tobruk, Libya

The best month for swimming (with the highest average sea temperature) is August (26°C).
The coldest month (with the lowest average sea temperature) is March (16°C).


Average daylight / Average sunshine
Tobruk, Libya

Average daylight / Average sunshine - Tobruk, Libya

The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 14h and 12min).
The month with the shortest days is December (Average daylight: 10h and 6min).

The months with the most sunshine are June, July and August (Average sunshine: 12h).
The months with the least sunshine are January and December (Average sunshine: 6h).


Tobruk, Libya

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