Monthly weather forecast and climate
Frankfort, MI

A clear view of the Point Betsie Lighthouse in Frankfort, Michigan
A clear view of the Point Betsie Lighthouse in Frankfort, Michigan
Frankfort experiences a warm summer continental type of climate (Köppen climate classification Dfb) with mild warm summers and frigid winters. It lies on the shores of the picturesque Lake Michigan, which forms its western boundary with the Betsie River on the south, and the Crystal Lake Township to the north and east. With an elevation of 600 ft above sea level, Franklin is less temperate than other tourist destinations worldwide and is a beautiful location in the Benzie County of the Michigan state in the United States.

Temperatures vary drastically in Frankfort with cold temperatures for six months and warm temperatures for the rest six. Summers are warm and wet with high temperatures in the pleasant range of 70°F (21.1°C) to 77°F (25°C), while winters are cold and damp with low temperatures in the frigid 18°F (-7.8°C) to 23°F (-5°C) range. Abundant rainfall of 35" (889mm) occurs throughout the year with summers rainier than winters.

Snowfall in large quantities is a regular feature of Frankfort winters with an annual accumulation of 103" (2616.2mm). January records the highest amount of snow in the range of 30" (762mm).
Summer is the best time to visit Frankfort when the weather is mild and warm. July is the peak tourist season with its inviting warmth, numerous events, and plenty of attractions. Rainfall is frequent during the summer, but there are many sunny days and clear skies to enjoy the days. The temperatures are in the best range of the year to explore the nature around Frankfort and engage in fun activities.

October to April is a time to avoid Frankfort, while the winter months from December to February are the worst amongst them. Snowfall is regular from November to March in large quantities. Additionally, rain dampens the spirits, and very few tourists can withstand the bone-chilling cold, which often drops below 20°F (-6.7°C) during the winter. It is a paradise for snow lovers, though, and visitors with a particular fondness for skiing and snowmobiling.

January is the coldest month of the year, with the average low temperatures reaching a freezing 18°F (-7.8°C). The daily highs average a chilly 28°F (-2.2°C), and there is no trace of the summer visitors.
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February sees the rainfall drop a little, but the snow accumulates to an average of 20" (508mm), and the conditions are intensely cold. Temperatures are below freezing and range between 19°F (-7.2°C) to 30°F (-1.1°C).
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Spring in March gradually sees a rise in temperatures, but it is still cold, with average highs hardly above freezing at 35°F (1.7°C). Snowfall is still at a significant 14" (355.6mm).
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April injects warmth in Frankfort as the mercury up to 52°F (11.1°C) in the day. The sun marks its daily presence for putting an end to the cold conditions.
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May is pleasant with the temperatures in a range of cold 45°F (7.2°C) to warm 63°F (17.2°C). Rain replaces snow and accumulates up to 3" (76.2mm).
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June is the start of the summer and the peak tourist season in Frankfort. The mercury fluctuates between 53°F (11.7°C) to 73°F (22.8°C) on an average.
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July has an average high temperature of 77°F (25°C), and it is the warmest month in Frankfort. Rain is occasional with many sunny days.
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August is another warm summer month with average high temperatures of 75°F (23.9°C) and the average low temperatures at the highest of 59.6°F (15.3°C).
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September is the start of the autumn and the wettest month of the year at 4.3" (109.2mm). Highs often touch 70°F (21.1°C) with the average daily high of 68°F (20°C).
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October is cold as the average temperatures drop to the range of 43°F (6.1°C) to 55°F (12.8°C). Sunny days are at a premium as the daylight reduces.
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November sounds the bugle of the transition from fall to winter; Fall scenery is lovely, but the temperatures plummet to a freezing 32°F (0°C) at night.
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December is a cold winter with the average daily high temperature at a freezing 32°F (0°C). The average low temperature drops to a freezing 23°F (-5°C).
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What is the coldest month in Frankfort?

With an average high-temperature of 28°F (-2.2°C) and an average low-temperature of 18.3°F (-7.6°C), January is the coldest month.

How much does it rain in Frankfort?

During the entire year, Frankfort aggregates up to 35" (888mm) of precipitation.

When does it snow in Frankfort?

January through May, October through December are months with snowfall.

How much does it snow in Frankfort?

Throughout the year, in Frankfort, Michigan, 103" (2616.2mm) of snow is accumulated.

When does it snow the most in Frankfort?

The month with the most snowfall is January when 30.3" (769.6mm) of snow is typically aggregated.

What is the driest month in Frankfort?

The month with the least rainfall is February when 1.9" (47.2mm) of precipitation is typically aggregated.

When are the longest days in Frankfort?

The month with the longest days is June, with an average of 15.5h of daylight.

What is the warmest month in Frankfort?

With an average high-temperature of 77°F (25°C) and an average low-temperature of 59.4°F (15.2°C), July is the warmest month in Frankfort, Michigan.

What is the rainiest month in Frankfort?

The month with the most rainfall in Frankfort, Michigan, is September when 4.3" (108mm) of precipitation is typically aggregated.

What is the month with the shortest days in Frankfort?

December has the shortest days of the year in Frankfort, Michigan, with an average of 8.9h of daylight.
Average rainfall - Frankfort, MI

The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is September (108mm).
The driest month (with the lowest rainfall) is February (47.2mm).

Average snowfall - Frankfort, MI

The month with the highest snowfall is January (769.6mm).
Months with the lowest snowfall are June, July, August and September (0mm).

Average daylight - Frankfort, MI