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Midway Island, USA

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Flag of Midway Island, USA
Flag of Midway Island, USA

Weather in October

October on Midway Island witnesses the full-blown onset of the wetter season, with the skies becoming more frequently adorned with rain clouds, as the island transitions further from summer's warmth. The seamless landscape of Midway, untouched by the infrastructural sprawl of cities, continues to provide a unified meteorological experience across its entirety.

As October unfolds, temperatures further descend from the summer highs, accentuating the seasonal transition. On the island, typical readings hover between 69°F (20.6°C) and 78°F (25.6°C). Simultaneously, the Pacific Ocean begins its gradual cooling process, presenting water temperatures that vary from 73°F (22.8°C) to 76°F (24.4°C). The combination of cooler waters and the potential for increased rainfall can somewhat temper the enthusiasm for sea-based activities.

Rainfall in October becomes a more consistent feature, with precipitation events both more frequent and occasionally more substantial than in September. The winds maintain their moderate demeanor, predominantly staying below 15mph (24.1km/h), but the presence of nearby tropical systems can introduce sporadic gustier episodes.

Steering away from the transitional phase of September, October firmly establishes its identity as one of Midway Island's rainier months. As it nears its conclusion, the weather patterns offer insights into November's approaching conditions, which likely encompass further cooling temperatures, consistent rainfall, and the deepening ambiance of the island's wetter season.

  • Midway Atoll - October »
    In Midway Atoll, Midway Island, in October, it is raining for 14 days, with typically 3.5" (89mm) of accumulated precipitation. July, September and October, with an average of 18h of sunshine, are months with the most sunshine in Midway Atoll.
  • Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge - October »
    On the first day of October in Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, sunrise is at 6:42 am and sunset at 6:34 pm. Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, Midway Island, marks the onset of October with an average high-temperature of a still warm 80.1°F (26.7°C), a subtle shift from September's 84°F (28.9°C).

Midway Island, USA

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