September weather forecast
Minnesota, USA

Flag of Minnesota, USA
Flag of Minnesota, USA

Weather in September

September is a beautiful time to visit Minnesota during the period of the colorful autumn season. The leaves start to change by the third week of September in the north and progress steadily towards the south. The conditions are mild, with the average high temperatures hover in the 42°F (5.6°C) to 70°F (21.1°C) range.
The early fall season has cloudy skies, yet the days are long and bright. The moderate precipitation keeps the conditions pleasant as the autumn spreads its wings. The hunting season is at its peak with plenty of deer, moose, geese, pheasant, grouse, and even bears as the primary targets. The Boundary Water Canoe Area extends into Canada and offers plenty of adventure on the water during the calm conditions of autumn.
The dispersal of the summer crowds offers plenty of space on the lake waters for those who stay back. Wear a fleece in the evenings to keep the cold at bay in September in Minnesota.


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