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Montana, USA


Weather forecast and temperature for today - Sunday, Mar 3.

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy
34°F / 10°F
  • Wind: 11mph W
  • Humidity: 54%
  • Precip. probability: 10%
  • Precipitation: 0.12"
  • UV index: 2
On Sunday, March 3, the sky will be moderately clouded.
Minimal precipitation is predicted for today. Temperature fluctuations between a cold 33.8°F (1°C) and a frigid 10.4°F (-12°C) are anticipated.
The maximum temperature of 33.8°F (1°C) will be more in line with February's average highest temperature of 29.7°F (-1.3°C) than the average highest temperature of 39.7°F (4.3°C) in March.
Sunrise was at 07:03 and sunset at 18:16; the daylight lasted for 11h and 12min.

Current condition and temperature - Helena, MT

Snow Shower
20:20 MDT
Snow Shower
  • 19°F
  • Feels like: 9°F
  • Wind: 11mph NW
  • Humidity: 90%
  • Dewpoint: 18°F
  • Pressure: 29.54"Hg
  • Precipitation: 0"
  • Visibility: 1mi
  • UV index: 0
In, currently, there are brief bursts of light snowfall.
The temperature is a freezing 19.4°F (-7°C), while the real-feel temperature, due to the wind, is evaluated at an extreme-cold 8.6°F (-13°C). The current temperature is relatively far from the maximum of 33.8°F (1°C) anticipated for today.

Hourly weather forecast and temperature - Helena, MT

  • 21°F
  • Feels like:
  • Wind: 11mph NW
  • Pressure: 29.56"Hg
  • Humidity: 87%
  • Precip. probability: 69%
  • Precipitation: 0.04"
  • Visibility: 0mi
  • 19°F
  • Feels like:
Snow Showers
Snow Showers
  • Wind: 9mph NW
  • Pressure: 29.62"Hg
  • Humidity: 81%
  • Precip. probability: 57%
  • Precipitation: 0.04"
  • Visibility: 6mi
Today, wintry weather with snowfall is anticipated.
Snow is expected for the rest of the day.
The temperature will be between the highest temperature of 21.2°F (-6°C) and the lowest temperature of 19.4°F (-7°C). The feels-like temperature will vary between the lowest temperature of 8.6°F (-13°C) and the highest temperature of 14°F (-10°C).
The highest temperature today will be more alike February's average maximum of 29.7°F (-1.3°C) than the average maximum of 39.7°F (4.3°C) in March. The lowest temperature today will be also more alike February's average minimum of 14.7°F (-9.6°C) than the average minimum of 23.2°F (-4.9°C) in March.

Montana, USA

The state of Montana is located in the northwestern United States and covers an area of 147,040 square miles (380,832 sq km). As of 2022, the estimated population is 1,122,867. The capital of Montana is Helena and its borders are shared by North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and Canada. This unique state is home to rivers that flow into three different watersheds - the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, and Hudson Bay. It straddles both the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains.

Montana became the 41st state on November 8th, 1889. In the late 1890s, vast deposits of copper were discovered and mining quickly became the primary economic driver for almost a century. Today, the economy is focused primarily on tourism. Montana is referred to as both the Treasure State and Big Sky Country and its motto is "Oro y Plata" which translates to Gold and Silver. The state bird is the Western Meadowlark, the state flower is the Bitterroot, and the official state song is simply titled “Montana”. Montana is represented by one seat in the House of Representatives out of 435 total. The time zone in Montana is Mountain, GMT-7 hours.

Useful resources

  • City of Helena - official website of the city of Helena, providing municipal information and services
  • Carroll College - a Catholic Liberal Arts College located in Helena, Montana
  • Helena College University of Montana - a public 2-year college in Helena that promotes excellence in education and cultivates a diverse community of learners
  • Montana Historical Society Museum - a museum that showcases the history and heritage of Montana with world-class exhibits
  • Holter Museum of Art - a museum that inspires, connects, and heals the community through contemporary exhibitions and innovative arts programming
  • Grandstreet Theatre - a prominent theatre in Helena that provides opportunities for arts education and live performances
  • Helena Bighorns - a hockey team in Helena known for its strong fan base and competitive spirit

Montana, USA

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