May weather forecast and climate
Northern Mariana Islands, USA

Flag of Northern Mariana Islands, USA
Flag of Northern Mariana Islands, USA

Weather in May

May is hot in the Northern Mariana Islands with the average temperatures in the 76°F (24.4°C) to 84°F (28.9°C) range. The sunlight is intense, and sunscreen becomes mandatory as the ultraviolet rays reach dangerous proportions.
The light precipitation lasts for short durations during the day and gives plenty of time to explore the islands on foot, bikes, or boats. The tranquil and clear waters are home to diverse marine species that are a unique part of the ecosystem. Expect temperatures to rise gradually with an increase in the heat index. Evenings are more comfortable with an occasional gentle breeze near the coast, while the nights are cozy.
Light summer clothing is desirable, along with a sun hat and a lightweight jacket. May is a great time to visit the Northern Mariana Islands with a moderate number of visitors, affordable rates, and bright light for taking clear pictures.

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