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Weather in November

November in Saint Barthélemy signifies a pivotal shift from the wet to the dry season. With the island’s homogenous climatic distribution, these transitions are palpable across all of Saint Barthélemy, from its sandy shores to its elevated terrains.

Regarding temperature, November introduces a subtle cooling trend compared to the previous months. As the island moves away from the peak warmth of the wet season, nighttime and early morning temperatures average around 27°C (80.6°F). Daytime, while still comfortably warm, can register readings close to 31°C (87.8°F). When contrasted with October, the slight drop in temperatures throughout November becomes evident, indicating the onset of the cooler dry season.

Rainfall during November begins to wane notably. While sporadic showers can still be expected, their frequency and intensity diminish as the month progresses. The showers that do occur are typically brief, paving the way for prolonged stretches of clear skies and radiant sunshine. This marked reduction in rain is a clear signal of the impending dry season, offering more predictability for outdoor activities.

From a tourism lens, November witnesses a surge in visitors. As the weather becomes more amenable and the wet season's unpredictability recedes, the island becomes increasingly attractive for travelers. Those arriving in Saint Barthélemy during November are treated to a harmonious blend of lingering tropical warmth and the emerging clarity of the dry season, creating an ideal backdrop for various holiday pursuits.


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