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Saint Lucia

Flag of Saint Lucia
Flag of Saint Lucia

The climate of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia, an enchanting island nation in the Caribbean, is part of the Lesser Antilles and sits between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. This island, famed for its beaches and beautiful landscapes, showcases a geographical contrast with its flat, sandy beaches in the north and mountainous terrain, including the iconic Pitons, in the south.

Within the confines of the Köppen climate classification, Saint Lucia fits into the "Af" subtype, denoting a tropical rainforest climate. Throughout the year, the country maintains an average temperature above 18°C, ensuring warm, tropical conditions regardless of the season. It experiences heavy rainfall, especially from June to November, influenced by the North Atlantic hurricane season. The overall yearly rainfall averages from 1600mm in the coastal regions to 4000mm in the mountainous interior, illustrating a striking variation in weather conditions within the small island.

The best time to visit Saint Lucia

Given its tropical climate, the best time to visit Saint Lucia is typically during its dry season, which spans from December to May. During these months, the temperatures average from 25°C to 30°C, providing a pleasant warmth. The humidity is relatively lower, and the weather is generally sunny, which proves ideal for outdoor activities, beach visits, and exploring the natural wonders of the island. The occurrence of rain is minimal, and the threat of hurricanes is practically non-existent during this time.

The worst time to visit Saint Lucia

The period from June to November constitutes the rainy season in Saint Lucia, with September and October being the wettest months. This phase aligns with the Atlantic hurricane season, which can lead to torrential rain, strong winds, and potential tropical storms or hurricanes. The temperatures during this time range from 23°C to 31°C, and the weather can be extremely humid. While travel is not impossible during these months, it is advisable to be prepared for sudden weather changes and potential disruptions.

Spring weather in Saint Lucia

In Saint Lucia, spring months—March, April, and May—mark the transition from the dry to the rainy season. During this time, temperatures average between 26°C and 29°C, accompanied by moderate humidity. The early spring months remain relatively dry, while late spring starts witnessing an increase in rainfall. The springtime weather, especially in early spring, presents a favorable opportunity for tourists to enjoy the island's natural beauty without the peak season crowds.

Summer weather in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia's summer, from June to August, is characterized by high temperatures ranging from 27°C to 31°C. These months also mark the beginning of the rainy season and the Atlantic hurricane season, with August usually being one of the wettest months. The high temperatures and humidity levels can make the days feel hotter than they actually are. However, the frequent rain showers bring relief from the heat and maintain the lush greenery of the island.

Autumn weather in Saint Lucia

The autumn months—September, October, and November—in Saint Lucia are typically the wettest. The temperatures during this season fluctuate between 26°C and 30°C. Rainfall is at its peak, and the threat of hurricanes is highest during this period. Despite the wet weather, the island continues to thrive, its landscapes replenished and vibrant due to the abundant rainfall. Autumn in Saint Lucia presents a rich view of the island's flora and fauna, with the terrain boasting a vivid array of colors.

Winter weather in Saint Lucia

Winter in Saint Lucia, spanning from December to February, signals the onset of the dry season. During these months, the temperatures hover between 24°C and 29°C. The weather is relatively dry with reduced humidity levels, and rainfall is minimal compared to other months. The pleasant weather conditions coupled with the holiday season make winter one of the most popular times for tourists to visit Saint Lucia, offering a perfect escape from the harsh winter conditions found in many other parts of the world.

Weather in January

January falls in the dry season of Saint Lucia's tropical climate, making it one of the most desirable months for tourists. Temperatures during this month range from a mild 23°C at night to a warm 29°C in the day. The weather is usually consistent across the island, with minimal regional variances. Being located in the tropics, Saint Lucia does not experience snowfall at any time of the year. Weather in January »

Weather in February

February in Saint Lucia continues the trend set by January, with warm and mostly dry conditions prevailing across the island. The average temperatures in February are comparable to those of January, ranging from 23°C to 29°C, providing a sense of consistency to Saint Lucia's tropical climate. Although February belongs to the dry season, the island experiences a slight increase in rainfall compared to January, averaging 100mm. Weather in February »

Weather in March

In Saint Lucia, March signifies the end of the dry season and the beginning of the transition to the wetter part of the year. Temperatures during this month are consistently tropical, ranging from a comfortable 23°C at night to a balmy 30°C during the day. Weather in March »

Weather in April

April in Saint Lucia is a transition month, marking the gradual shift from the dry season to the rainy season. Temperatures during April remain comfortably warm, ranging from 24°C during the cooler nights to 31°C in the peak of the daytime heat, making April one of the hottest months of the year. Rainfall in April experiences a noticeable increase compared to the preceding months, averaging 75mm for the month. Weather in April »

Weather in May

May in Saint Lucia marks a notable shift in the weather as the island fully transitions into the rainy season. Temperatures remain high, ranging from 24°C to 31°C, similar to April, but the humidity starts to increase noticeably due to the higher levels of rainfall. May experiences a significant increase in precipitation compared to the preceding months, with the average rainfall jumping to approximately 170mm. Weather in May »

Weather in June

June in Saint Lucia is firmly within the rainy season, with the island experiencing a continued increase in rainfall. Despite this, temperatures remain steadily high, with average lows around 25°C and highs reaching up to 31°C, ensuring the tropical warmth is ever-present. June typically sees rainfall averaging 200mm, a noticeable increase compared to May. Weather in June »

Weather in July

July in Saint Lucia continues to uphold the island's characteristic tropical climate, with the rainy season now in full swing. Temperatures during this month maintain their warmth, with lows around 25°C during the night and highs reaching up to 31°C during the day. In terms of rainfall, July sees a further increase, averaging approximately 225mm for the month. Weather in July »

Weather in August

August in Saint Lucia marks the peak of the rainy season, with some of the highest rainfall levels experienced throughout the year. The tropical warmth, however, remains consistent with average temperatures hovering between 25°C and 32°C, the latter making August one of the hottest months on the island. Rainfall in August reaches an average of 230mm, which is one of the highest for the year. Weather in August »

Weather in September

September in Saint Lucia sees the rainy season continuing in full force, with the island experiencing high levels of rainfall. Despite this, the tropical heat remains steady, with average temperatures ranging from 25°C during the cooler nights to 31°C in the peak daytime heat. September typically records the highest rainfall of the year, with the monthly average reaching approximately 235mm. Weather in September »

Weather in October

October in Saint Lucia signifies the gradual withdrawal from the rainy season, yet the island still experiences significant rainfall during this month. Tropical temperatures continue to hold, with averages ranging from a mild 24°C at night to a warm 31°C during the day. In terms of rainfall, October sees a slight decrease compared to September, with an average of about 210mm. Weather in October »

Weather in November

November in Saint Lucia brings a substantial decrease in rainfall as the island transitions towards the end of the rainy season. Nevertheless, the tropical heat remains consistent, with temperatures averaging between 24°C during the cooler nights and 30°C at the height of the day. Rainfall in November sees a marked decrease from the previous months, with the average falling to 160mm. Weather in November »

Weather in December

December in Saint Lucia marks the onset of the dry season, with a further decline in rainfall across the island. Despite the change in season, temperatures remain consistently tropical, ranging from an average low of 23°C at night to a warm 29°C during the day. Rainfall in December significantly decreases from November, averaging 125mm for the month. Weather in December »

Saint Lucia

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