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Weather in January

January in Slovakia is marked by the pinnacle of winter conditions. As the coldest month of the year, temperatures frequently remain below freezing. In the lowland areas, which include cities like Bratislava and Kosice, average temperatures range from -2°C to 3°C. However, in the mountainous regions, such as the High Tatras, temperatures can plunge to a frigid -10°C or even lower.

Snowfall is widespread throughout the country during January. In the mountainous regions, heavy snowfall is not uncommon, creating ideal conditions for winter sports. Cities in the lowlands, like Bratislava, also see snow, albeit in smaller quantities. The average snowfall in the High Tatras can reach up to 60mm during January, making it one of the snowiest months of the year.

Compared to December, January sees a further drop in temperature. However, the weather conditions between these two winter months are largely similar. Moving forward into February, while the chill of winter persists, there is a slight increase in average temperatures, signaling the slow but eventual transition towards spring.

  • Bratislava - January »
    The month with the most snowfall is January, when snow falls for 9 days and typically aggregates up to 107mm of snow. In Bratislava January is the month with the lowest recorded average temperatures, measuring a high of 2.2°C and a low of -2.7°C.
  • Košice - January »
    The coldest month in Košice is January, with an average high-temperature of -1°C and an average low-temperature of -7°C. On the first day of January in Košice sunrise is at 07:27 and sunset at 15:49.
  • Prešov - January »
    January is the month with the least rainfall in Prešov with 16mm of accumulated precipitation. January is the month with the least rainfall in Prešov with 16mm of accumulated precipitation.
  • Žilina - January »
    The month of January sees the average lowest temperatures in Žilina, reaching 0°C at the peak and -5°C at the low. In Žilina January records the lowest average temperatures, peaking at 0°C and reaching a low of -5°C.
  • Nitra - January »
    Nitra experiences lowest temperatures, averaging a high-temperature of 2°C during January and December. The coldest months in Nitra are January and December, with an average high-temperature of 2°C.
  • Banská Bystrica - January »
    In Banská Bystrica the weather in January primarily consists of low temperatures, often accompanied by snowfall and reduced visibility, making it the coldest month of the year. In Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, in January, during 15.1 snowfall days, 204mm of snow is typically accumulated.
  • Trnava - January »
    Trnava reaches its lowest average temperatures in January, measuring 2°C at the peak and -4°C at the lowest. In Trnava, the lowest temperatures are generally noted in January, averaging a high of 2°C and a low of -4°C.
  • Trenčín - January »
    Trenčín in January experiences a substantial decrease in sunlight hours compared to the following month, emitting only 8.8 hours of daylight on average. With average temperatures fluctuating between a high of 2°C and a low of -4°C, January stands out as the coldest month.
  • Martin - January »
    In Martin, in January, snow falls for 17.2 days, with typically accumulated 343mm of snow. January stands out as Martin's coldest month, with temperatures ranging between an average high of -1.1°C and a low of -6.8°C.
  • Poprad - January »
    Poprad's temperature records reveal January as the coldest month, marked by average highs of -0.8°C and lows of -9.2°C. Poprad witnesses the coldest weather in January, with temperatures averaging a high of -0.8°C and a low of -9.2°C.
  • Prievidza - January »
    In Prievidza during January, snow falls for 13.1 days and regularly aggregates up to 204mm of snow. Prievidza, Slovakia observes a cold start to the year with chilly conditions in January, accompanied by relatively shorter days.


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