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Pangai, Tonga


The climate of Pangai

Perched in the Ha'apai Islands of Tonga, Pangai exhibits a tropical rainforest climate, often denoted as 'Af' in the Köppen climate classification system. This consistent climate offers a unique blend of weather conditions, marked by persistent high temperatures and substantial precipitation throughout the year.

Regarding the overall climate, it is the warm sea temperatures that ostensibly set the tone for Pangai's climate. With monthly averages ranging from a low of 24.4°C (75.9°F) to a peak of 28.5°C (83.3°F), the sea temperature predominantly hovers between the high-20s. The warmest sea temperatures are observed between February to April, with recorded monthly averages reaching up to 28.5°C (83.3°F). Albeit slight, the coolest sea temperatures can be detected during the months of July to September, however, the average remaining comfortably above 24°C (75.2°F).

A symmetry exists between daylight hours and the fluctuating sea temperature. Longer daylight hours, reaching up to 13.3 hours per day, coincide with warmer sea temperatures especially during the months of December to March. Conversely, shorter daylight span with the least averaging at 10.9 hours seen in June align with the cooler sea temperatures.

A defining attribute of Pangai's tropical rainforest is the absence of a dry season. Rainfall can be expected year-round with some months experiencing heavier precipitation than others.

The best time to visit Pangai

Accentuating the pronounced daylight hours and warm sea temperatures, ideal times for a visit to Pangai would be between February to April. The sea temperature during these months averages out at a slightly higher 28°C (82.4°F) making it ideal for water activities. This period also corresponds with longer daylight hours, providing ample time to soak in the picturesque views of the island.

The worst time to visit Pangai

While there are no extreme weather variations seen across the year, the period from July to September is marked by slightly cooler sea temperatures along with shorter daylight hours. Hence, visits during these months might not be as conducive for tourists looking to marvel at Pangai's natural and coastal beauty.

Spring weather in Pangai

Spring in Pangai, from September to November, witnesses a gradual increase in sea temperatures, spanning from 24.8°C (76.6°F) to 26.4°C (79.5°F). Concurrently, the daylight hours too see an elevation, moving from 11.5 hours per day in September to 13.1 hours per day in November.

Summer weather in Pangai

Summer months of December to February in Pangai boast the most substantial daylight hours, with the longest day spanning up to 13.2 hours. Sea temperature also makes a fine display, as it reaches a peak at 28.5°C (83.3°F), across the year in February.

Autumn weather in Pangai

In autumn, from March to May, there is a slight decrease in daylight hours, recording an average of 11.2 hours in May. Sea temperatures, on the other hand, remain warm ranging from 28.2°C (82.8°F) to 26.1°C (79°F) during these months.

Winter weather in Pangai

Winter in Pangai, which lasts from June to August, carries with it decreased daylight and lowered sea temperatures. Specifically, the sea temperature dips to the year's lowest average of 24.4°C (75.9°F) in August, while daylight hours also touch the year's least average at 10.9 hours in June.

Weather in January

January in Pangai, Tonga, offers warm conditions due to the tropical climate, making it a delightful time for beach lovers. The average sea temperature in January reaches 27.8°C (82°F), heralding the ideal conditions for watersports enthusiasts. Weather in January »

Weather in February

Moving into February, the climate remains warm but experiences a slight increase in the average sea temperature. This month sees a peak in the sea warmth with 28.3°C (82.9°F), inviting water activities from dusk till dawn. Despite reduced daylight hours compared to January, there is still ample time to enjoy outdoor adventures. Weather in February »

Weather in March

The warmth of the sea in March continues to flourish, reaching its maximum average at 28.5°C (83.3°F). This figure highlights the exquisite allure of Pangai's marine life during this month. In comparison to February, the daylight hours decrease, but the opportunities to explore Tonga's captivating landscapes remain abundant. Weather in March »

Weather in April

April's weather in Pangai undergoes a slight shift, with cooler sea temperatures and reduced daylight when compared to the previous month. Notably, this month sees a drop in the sea temperature to 28.2°C (82.8°F). The change does not greatly affect the climatic feel of the region, continuing to favor beachside recreation. Weather in April »

Weather in May

Pangai starts to observe a marked transition in its weather in May. The sea temperature sees a notable drop down to 26.9°C (80.4°F). The diminished temperatures, although still favorable, are a signal of the upcoming cooler months. Weather in May »

Weather in June

June in Pangai witnesses further decline in sea temperatures and daylight hours. Sea temperatures average at a significantly cooler 26.1°C (79°F), marking the onset of winter in Tonga. Despite these changes, the weather remains relatively pleasant for exploring the city or venturing offshore. Weather in June »

Weather in July

Compared with June, July's weather continues the downward trend in both sea temperatures and daylight hours. The sea cools further to 25.6°C (78.1°F), facilitating a refreshing atmosphere around the shores of Pangai. Preparing for the upcoming month, the climate experiences few changes, maintaining the same pattern of gradually cooler temperatures and shorter days. Weather in July »

Weather in August

Contrasting to the dropping temperature trend of the earlier months, sea temperatures in August see a decrease to 24.4°C (75.9°F). This marks the coolest point of the year in terms of sea climate in Pangai. However, the cooler conditions do not hinder the city's tropical appeal, with numerous warm-weather activities still available. Weather in August »

Weather in September

September marks the start of a slight recovery in sea temperatures in Pangai, reaching up to 24.8°C (76.6°F). The increase in temperatures signifies the initial signs of the coming warmer months. Alongside this, the daylight hours continue to extend, offering more time to revel in outdoor pursuits. Weather in September »

Weather in October

October in Pangai highlights a more significant rise in sea temperatures. The warmer ocean waters hit an average of 25.8°C (78.4°F), which enhances the appeal of water-based activities. This change significantly contrasts from September and signals the approach of the hot season. Weather in October »

Weather in November

November's weather is characterized by an appreciable increase in both sea temperature and daylight hours. With sea temperatures climbing to 26.4°C (79.5°F), water-based activities, including surfing and snorkeling, are in their prime. Weather in November »

Weather in December

The ending month in Pangai maintains the rising trend of its predecessors, offering ideal sea temperatures for swimming and boating enthusiasts. The sea temperature peaks in December at a warm 27.3°C (81.1°F), highlighting the beauty of the city's marine environment. Weather in December »

Frequently asked questions

When is the sea warmest in Pangai?

With an average sea temperature of 28.5°C (83.3°F), March is the month with the warmest seawater in Pangai, Tonga.

What is the month with the shortest days in Pangai?

The month with the shortest days in Pangai, Tonga, is June, with an average of 11h and 0min of daylight.

What month is the sea coldest in Pangai?

The month with the coldest seawater in Pangai, Tonga, is August, with an average sea temperature of 24.4°C (75.9°F).

When are the longest days in Pangai?

With an average of 13h and 18min of daylight, December has the longest days of the year.

Is there Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Pangai?

Pangai, Tonga, does not observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). +13 timezone is used throughout the entire year.

Average sea temperature
Pangai, Tonga

Average sea temperature - Pangai, Tonga

The best month for swimming (with the highest average sea temperature) is March (28.5°C).
The coldest month (with the lowest average sea temperature) is August (24.4°C).


Average daylight
Pangai, Tonga

Average daylight - Pangai, Tonga

The month with the longest days is December (Average daylight: 13h and 18min).
The month with the shortest days is June (Average daylight: 11h and 0min).


Pangai, Tonga

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