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Flag of Tuvalu

Weather in October

October in Tuvalu represents the onset of the wetter season, with a significant increase in rainfall compared to September. The average precipitation for October rises to 240mm, marking a substantial increase and a return to more frequent showers. The country's tropical rainforest climate ensures these showers can be quite heavy at times, though they tend to be scattered and sporadic.

When it comes to temperatures, October maintains the consistent warmth characteristic of Tuvalu's climate. Average temperatures throughout the month fluctuate between 28°C and 31°C, showing a minor increase compared to September. This warmth is experienced uniformly across the islands, including major locations such as the capital, Funafuti.

Looking ahead to November, Tuvalu continues the pattern of increased rainfall, as the country moves deeper into the wetter season. As such, October marks the shift from the drier conditions of the previous months to the rainier conditions typical of the end of the year. Visitors during October should be prepared for more frequent showers coupled with consistently warm temperatures.

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    The months of January, April, May, October through December see the peak of Funafuti's temperatures, averaging a high of 31°C. Funafuti sees its peak of temperatures during January, April, May, October through December, with an average high-temperature of 31°C.


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