Climate and monthly weather forecast
Kashikishi, Zambia


The climate of Kashikishi

Kashikishi, a spot in Zambia, experiences a consistent climate under the Köppen classification of Aw - tropical wet and dry or savanna. The region is characterized by relatively uniform temperatures, with highs averaging between 24.3°C (75.7°F) and 33°C (91.4°F) and lows settling in the range from 13.2°C (55.8°F) to 19.7°C (67.5°F) across the year. The relative humidity demonstrates a broad scope, shifting from 34% to 90% throughout the calendar, indicating a considerable variation in moisture content in the air.

Rainfall in Kashikishi presents a distinct pattern, with a noticeable dry season and an evident rainy season. The amount of rainfall is intensive during the starting and the closing periods of the year, witnessing substantial rainfall from 274mm (10.79") to 381mm (15"). Total rainfall drops to a scant amount, close to none, from June to August.

A notable fluctuation also occupies the sunshine and daylight hours, deviating from 11.6 to 12.7 hours of daylight and from 6.9 to 10.4 hours of sunshine. The yearly temperature gradient, in line with the amount of sunlight, affects the wind speed, obtaining peaks of up to 10.4km/h (6.5mph) and reducing down to 5.6km/h (3.5mph). Collectively, this data portray a notable drying period from June to August and a rainy season around the start and end of the year.

The best time to visit Kashikishi

The ideal period to visit Kashikishi can be earmarked from June to August. This interval provides optimal climatic conditions, with temperatures maintaining a gentle balance. Highs oscillate in the range of 26.4°C (79.5°F) to 30.9°C (87.6°F), and lows from 13.2°C (55.8°F) to 15.7°C (60.3°F). Sunshine and daylight hours roughly correspond, between 11.6 and 11.8 hours for daylight, and 7.7 to 10 hours of sunshine. Combined with the lowest humidity and pressure, these months also bring the least rainfall and the most extended visibility. This period offers the most appropriate climatic conditions for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

The worst time to visit Kashikishi

Conversely, the periods witnessing the highest rainfall are the least advisable for trips to Kashikishi. Specifically, the months from November to February observe debilitating rains, ranging from 274mm (10.79") to 381mm (15"), amid a high relative humidity of 76% to 89%. These conditions can make outdoor activities challenging and limit mobility and visibility due to heavy downpours and cloudy weather.

Spring weather in Kashikishi

In Kashikishi, spring constitutes the months of March, April, and May. During this period, the region experiences a decrease in rainfall, dropping from 342mm (13.46") to just 40mm (1.57"). Temperatures moderately swing from 24.8°C (76.6°F) to 26.3°C (79.3°F) in highs and from 16.3°C (61.3°F) to 15°C (59°F) in lows. Humidity experiences a steep drop from 90% to 75%. The daylight hours slightly reduce from 12.2 to 11.7 hours, but the number of sunshine hours gradually increase from 7 to 7.4 hours. Winds also begin to pick up speed, moving from an average of 5.3km/h (3.3mph) to 8.8km/h (5.5mph).

Summer weather in Kashikishi

In the Zambian summer months of June, July, and August, Kashikishi's weather turns remarkably dry with virtually no rainfall. High temperatures persistently increase, from 26.4°C (79.5°F) to 30.9°C (87.6°F), while lows retreat to the year's lowest point at 13.2°C (55.8°F) in June and July, before rising to 15.7°C (60.3°F) in August. Relative humidity sinks to the lowest point of the year, fluctuating between 60% and 37%. Furthermore, daylight stretches from 11.6 to 11.8 hours, and sunshine hours elevate, reaching a peak of 10 hours in August.

Autumn weather in Kashikishi

Autumn, marking the months of September, October, and November, witnesses a steady climb in rainfall, from just 11mm (0.43") to a substantial 274mm (10.79"). The highs oscillate from 33°C (91.4°F) in September to 27.5°C (81.5°F) in November. The lows show a moderate elevation from 18.4°C (65.1°F) to 18.3°C (64.9°F). The relative humidity starts to escalate, moving from 34% to a significant 76%. The duration of daylight slightly extends from 12.1 hours to 12.5 hours, and the thousands of sunshine hours experience slight reduction, from 9.9 to 10.4 hours.

Winter weather in Kashikishi

Winter months comprise December, January, and February in Kashikishi. This period observes high rainfall, switching between 381mm (15") and 281mm (11.06"). High temperatures exhibit a decreasing trend, from 24.9°C (76.8°F) to 24.3°C (75.7°F), while the lows remain relatively stable, between 16.9°C (62.4°F) and 17.3°C (63.1°F). Despite being the rainy season, daylight lengthens at a slow pace from 12.7 to 12.6 hours, as does the sunshine duration, averaging around 7.9 hours. However, the wind speed decreases from 5.2km/h (3.2mph) in December to 5.6km/h (3.5mph) in February.

Weather in January

January's climate in Kashikishi is characterized by frequent rainfalls, high humidity, and somewhat moderate temperatures. The weather starts on a cooler note when compared to the upcoming February, with rain adding a fresh aura to the surroundings. Weather in January »

Weather in February

February shows a continuation of the heavy rainfalls from January, keeping the city of Kashikishi in a constant moist setup. However, a notable aspect in February is the rise in temperature, making the city a bit warmed up when compared to the previous month. Weather in February »

Weather in March

March shows a weather trend in Kashikishi that is much similar to February with high rainfalls and mild temperatures. As the peak of the rainy season, March records the highest rainfall of 342mm (13.46"). People have to cope with less sunlight due to overcast skies, and outside activities might need a little adjustment owing to the weather conditions. Weather in March »

Weather in April

April brings notable changes to the weather in Kashikishi, marking the transition from the rainy season to drier conditions. There is a substantial decrease in the rainfall to 190mm (7.48") shifting the city's climate to a drier side and making it much more comfortable to engage in outdoor activities. Weather in April »

Weather in May

May secures the start position in the dry phase of the weather in Kashikishi, characterized by barely any rainfall and significantly lower humidity. The city transitions from a rain-laden environment to an exceptionally dry clime. A phenomenal drop in the rainfall to 40mm (1.57") accompanies an increase in wind speed. Weather in May »

Weather in June

June continues to maintain the dry spell in Kashikishi, with the rain remaining practically absent. Lower temperatures, windy conditions, and little to no rainfall pave the way for a typical cold dry season in this city. June records the lowest rainfall measurement of just 1mm (0.04"), marking it as the driest month of the year. Weather in June »

Weather in July

July in Kashikishi is distinct for its exceptionally dry and cool atmospheric conditions. It continues the weather pattern set by June, characterized by negligible rainfall and enhanced wind speeds. Similar to the previous month, July also records a bare minimum rainfall amounting to 0mm (0"), making it another drought-like month. Weather in July »

Weather in August

August in Kashikishi marks a slight shift in weather conditions as the cold dry period starts to dwindle. Though there is hardly any rainfall, temperatures start to increase, making the climate a bit warm. With a slight increase in rainfall to 1mm (0.04"), August continues to be in the grip of the dry season. Weather in August »

Weather in September

September gives an initial hint of the upcoming wet season, while still retaining the dry weather characteristics in Kashikishi. The rainfall increase is slight, with the city receiving about 11mm (0.43") precipitation. Without a significant change in weather from August, September continues to be a low rainfall period with abundant sunlight. Weather in September »

Weather in October

October is a transitional period in Kashikishi weather, leading the city from the dry to the wet season. The city receives an increased rainfall of 74mm (2.91") setting the ground for the upcoming rainy season. The mild increase in rainfall does not significantly affect the outdoor activities as the rain remains tolerable. Weather in October »

Weather in November

November marks the onset of the wet season in Kashikishi, the city switches from a dry, wind-dominated weather to a humid, rain-prone environment. The city receives a significant increase in rainfall to 274mm (10.79"), reaffirming November as the start of the rainy season. Weather in November »

Weather in December

December in Kashikishi brings in full swing the wet season characterized by frequent and high-volume rainfalls, lower temperatures, and increased humidity. The rainy days reach the maximum frequency, with the city recording the highest rainfall of 381mm (15") for the year. Weather in December »

Frequently asked questions

What time of the year is the coldest?

The coldest period tends to be January, when average temperatures fluctuate between a high of 24.3°C (75.7°F) and a low of 16.9°C (62.4°F).

How many days does it rain?

In Kashikishi, during the entire year, the rain falls for 207.7 days and collects up to 1883mm (74.13") of precipitation.

What are the months with the lowest UV index?

January through June, November and December, with an average maximum UV index of 5, are months with the lowest UV index.

What is the month with the least sunshine?

February has the least sunshine of the year, with an average of 6.9h of sunshine.

What is the most humid month in Kashikishi?

March is the most humid month, with an average relative humidity of 90%.

What is the month with the shortest days?

With an average of 11h and 36min of daylight, June has the shortest days of the year.

What is the driest month?

July is the only month when rain does not fall.

When does it rain?

Months with rainfall are January through June, August through December.

What are the months with the highest UV index?

The months with the highest UV index are August and September, with an average maximum UV index of 7.

What month is the hottest in Kashikishi?

Kashikishi's September weather, marked by an average high temperature of 33°C (91.4°F) and an average low temperature of 18.4°C (65.1°F), is the warmest in the year.

What is the least humid month in Kashikishi?

With an average relative humidity of 34%, September is the least humid month.

What month has the most sunshine?

November has the most sunshine of the year, with an average of 10.4h of sunshine.

What is the rainiest month?

December is the month with the most rainfall. Rain falls for 30.7 days and accumulates 381mm (15") of precipitation.

When are the longest days?

December has the longest days of the year, with an average of 12h and 42min of daylight.

Is there Daylight Saving Time (DST)?

Kashikishi does not utilize Daylight Saving Time (DST). CAT timezone is used throughout the entire year.

Average temperature
Kashikishi, Zambia

Average temperature - Kashikishi, Zambia

The warmest month (with the highest average high temperature) is September (33°C).
The month with the lowest average high temperature is January (24.3°C).

The month with the highest average low temperature is October (19.7°C).
The coldest months (with the lowest average low temperature) are June and July (13.2°C).

Average pressure
Kashikishi, Zambia

Average pressure - Kashikishi, Zambia

The months with the highest atmospheric pressure are June and July (1017.2mbar).
The month with the lowest atmospheric pressure is October (1010.7mbar).

Average wind speed
Kashikishi, Zambia

Average wind speed - Kashikishi, Zambia

The windiest month (with the highest average wind speed) is July (10.4km/h).
The calmest month (with the lowest average wind speed) is February (5km/h).

Average humidity
Kashikishi, Zambia

Average humidity - Kashikishi, Zambia

The month with the highest relative humidity is March (90%).
The month with the lowest relative humidity is September (34%).

Average rainfall
Kashikishi, Zambia

Average rainfall - Kashikishi, Zambia

The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is December (381mm).
The driest month (with the least rainfall) is July (0mm).

Average rainfall days
Kashikishi, Zambia

Average rainfall days - Kashikishi, Zambia

The month with the highest number of rainy days is December (30.7 days).
The month with the least rainy days is August (0.6 days).

Average daylight / Average sunshine
Kashikishi, Zambia

Average daylight / Average sunshine - Kashikishi, Zambia

The month with the longest days is December (Average daylight: 12h and 42min).
The month with the shortest days is June (Average daylight: 11h and 36min).

The month with the most sunshine is November (Average sunshine: 10h and 24min).
The month with the least sunshine is February (Average sunshine: 6h and 54min).

Average sunshine days
Kashikishi, Zambia

Average sunshine days - Kashikishi, Zambia

The month with the most sunshine days is July (30.6 days).
The month with the least sunshine days is March (0.2 days).

Average UV index
Kashikishi, Zambia

Average UV index - Kashikishi, Zambia

The months with the highest UV index are August and September (UV index 7).
The months with the lowest UV index are January, February, March, April, May, June, November and December (UV index 5).

Average visibility
Kashikishi, Zambia

Average visibility - Kashikishi, Zambia

The months with the highest visibility are June, July, August, September and October (10km).
The months with the lowest visibility are January, February, March, April and December (7km).

Kashikishi, Zambia

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