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Long-term weather forecast

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Guangzhou, China

A reflective water view of the urban setting of the District of Guangzhou in China with beautiful blue skies, and clear, calm waters
A reflective water view of the urban setting of the District of Guangzhou in China with beautiful blue skies, and clear, calm waters
Guangzhou has a humid subtropical type of climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa) with hot and humid summers and mild and dry winters. The East Asian monsoon and surrounding water bodies have a significant influence on the climate. Guangzhou, the capital of the Guangdong province of China, lies on the Pearl River, slightly south of the Tropic of Cancer.

Guangzhou's average elevation is 21 meters above sea level while the Baiyun Mountain is the lung of the city. The Pearl River flows through the city, and the topography consists of lakes, rivers, mountains and fertile alluvial plains. Tropical cyclones from the South China Sea trouble the city occasionally.

Summers are long, humid and wet in Guangzhou, and the temperatures usually lie between 72°F (22.2°C) to 95°F (35°C). The average high temperature reaches a peak of 91°F (32.8°C) in July. The East Asian monsoon is active from April to September and brings high humidity with heavy rainfall to the region. Winters from December to February are short and relatively dry due to the departure of the monsoon. The average temperatures are in the 50°F (10°C) to 70°F (21.1°C) with a drop in humidity. Spring and autumn are brief transitional periods with comfortable temperatures between the wet and dry seasons.

Guangzhou averages 1628 hours of annual sunshine with maximum daily sunshine of about 7 hours during any period of the year. The skies remain cloudy for the majority of the year as the average humidity is high and ranges from 66% to 84%. Annual precipitation is an ample 68" (1727.2mm) with around 149 rainy days in the year. Eighty percent of the rainfall is between April and September, while May and June are the rainiest months. Snow is ordinarily absent, but the city has a record of a few instances of light snowfall in its history.

The highest temperature on record for Guangzhou is 102.4°F (39.1°C) while the record for the lowest temperature is 32°F (0°C).
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The best time to visit Guangzhou is from mid-October to mid-March when the temperatures are mild, the weather is dry, and the conditions are agreeable. The temperatures are usually in the 50°F (10°C) to 70°F (21.1°C) zone, and the sunshine is prevalent from October to December. Winter is mild and dry but tends to be cloudy. The monsoon brings heavy rainfall during the wet season, and the summer is hot, humid and prone to typhoons and thunderstorms.

The combined summer and monsoon seasons from April to September with sticky heat are the worst time to visit Guangzhou. The long, hot and humid periods are unbearable for tourists who come from a temperate climate zone. The storm season has a particular liking for summer while more than three-fourths of the annual rainfall occurs during the wet season. Summer nights are warm with cloudy skies.

Guangzhou's tropical location is susceptible to rainstorms, floods, thunderstorms, and typhoons. The monsoon brings heavy rainfall to the region, which is prone to rainstorms and floods. The typhoon season is between June to September and affects the region and its surroundings sporadically. Typhoons of Southeast Asia bring destructive winds and torrential rain, which results in floods and landslides. Tropical cyclones make major landfalls and cause severe damage.

January is the coldest month of the year in Guangzhou as the average temperatures lie in the mild range of 51°F (10.6°C) to 65°F (18.3°C). Weather in January »

The low temperatures mostly lie in the 45°F (7.2°C) to 55°F (12.8°C) zone while the highs are between 60°F (15.6°C) to 70°F (21.1°C). Weather in February »

The average temperatures are in the agreeable 59°F (15°C) to 71°F (21.7°C) range, but the rise in humidity to 82% post-mid-March signals the arrival of the wet season. Weather in March »

April brings the monsoon season and high humidity to Guangzhou as the city receives the first showers of the East Asian monsoon in the month. Weather in April »

The average temperatures are in the range of 73°F (22.8°C) to 85°F (29.4°C) while a few days may cross 90°F (32.2°C). Weather in May »

June is hot, humid and wet in Guangzhou as the rains continuously lash the city. Around eighteen rainy days bring 10.9" (276.9mm) of rain with lightning and thunderstorms. Weather in June »

July is the hottest month of the year in Guangzhou with the average temperatures in the 78°F (25.6°C) to 91°F (32.8°C) range. Weather in July »

August is a hot and stormy month in the summer of Guangzhou with the average temperatures in the range of 78°F (25.6°C) to 91°F (32.8°C). Weather in August »

September is hot and humid in Guangzhou as the southwest monsoon starts its retreat. The average temperatures are in the 75°F (23.9°C) to 88°F (31.1°C) range. Weather in September »

October is a transitional month that brings the pleasant but short autumn in Guangzhou. Southern China benefits from the retreating monsoon. Weather in October »

November has pleasant weather in Guangzhou with the average temperatures in the 61°F (16.1°C) to 76°F (24.4°C) zone. Weather in November »

The average temperatures in December are comfortable and range between 53°F (11.7°C) to 70°F (21.1°C). Weather in December »