June weather forecast

Flag of Cuba
Flag of Cuba

Weather in June

June brings oppressive heat to Cuba, as the humidity levels consistently remain above 80 to 90. June is the wettest month in Havana and much of the northwest, with rainfall typically between 152.4mm (6") to 177.8mm (7") amid 10 to 12 wet days. Santiago receives 127mm (5") to 152.4mm (6") of precipitation, while the southern mountains receive at least 203.2mm (8") to 254mm (10"). Rain is usually in the form of heavy downpours that do not last for prolonged periods. The atmosphere is muggy in the wet season, which makes it better to wear sweatshirts and rain jackets.
The sunshine averages 8 hours daily, even under mostly cloudy skies in June. The longest days of the year, between June 20 and June 30, register the highest daylight of 13.5 hours.
Temperatures are usually in the 22.8°C (73°F) to 88°range but feel much more due to the heat index. Visitors should check the weather forecast before booking a trip to Cuba in June.


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