November weather forecast

Flag of Cuba
Flag of Cuba

Weather in November

November is the last month of the wet season in Cuba and is relatively dry in the second half. The cloud cover decreases rapidly with each passing day as November registers 76.2mm (3") to 101.6mm (4") of rainfall. The third to fourth week of November is ideal for budget travelers to visit Cuba when the prices are still low, and the weather is fair.
Daily high temperatures are between 26.7°C (80.1°F) to 28.9°C (84°F), with a welcome drop in relative humidity. A daily low-temperature drop below more pleasant 21.1°C (70°F) during the nights. Evenings see wind speeds of 15.3km/h (9.5mph) to 20.1km/h (12.5mph), and plenty of activities on the beach.
Seawater temperatures begin to cool and are in the lovely range of 26.1°C (79°F) to 27.2°C (81°F). Expect an odd hurricane or storm to graze the coast still. The increase in daily sunshine to 7 hours, blue skies, and winter in the Northern Hemisphere draws visitors to Cuba in November.


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