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Moanda, Gabon


The climate of Moanda

Moanda, a city located in Gabon, possesses a Koppen Climate Classification of Aw, marking it as an area with tropical savanna or wet and dry characteristics. This classification implies high temperatures throughout the year, accompanied by significant seasonal rainfall fluctuations.

The temperature variation in Moanda ranges from a minimum average of 18.5°C (65.3°F) to a maximum average of 29.9°C (85.8°F), maintaining global tropical weather norms. High temperatures throughout the year barely have a noticeable variation, hovering between 26.2°C (79.2°F) and 29.9°C (85.8°F). The low temperatures equally exhibit a modest variation from 18.5°C (65.3°F) to 20.4°C (68.7°F).

Moanda's relative humidity levels presenting values from 74% to 87% contribute to maintaining the tropical wet and dry climate. Rainfall patterns in this city show high variability, a critical characteristic of the tropical savanna climate. Monthly average rainfall fluctuates from as low as 14mm (0.55") in July to as high as 275mm (10.83") in November, with rather drastic changes in some months immediately preceding or following the dry season.

The best time to visit Moanda

Moanda's weather may be suit different visitors at different times of the year, depending on their weather preferences, but it's worth noting that specific periods present more pleasant conditions. From July to September, the rainfall is minimal, with July only recording an average of 14mm (0.55") of rainfall. Coupled with manageable humidity levels in the low 80 percentages and temperatures it provides seemingly comforting weather for visitors not particularly fond of high rainfall.

The worst time to visit Moanda

There are periods in the year when the weather conditions do not provide the best visiting experience in Moanda, owing to high rainfall and higher relative humidity levels. Particularly, the months of November and December witness significant rainfall, with averages of 275mm (10.83") and 192mm (7.56"), respectively. Alongside high humidity levels of up to 87%, this period of the year might not be the most favorable for travelling to Moanda.

Spring weather in Moanda

Spring in Moanda (March, April, and May) is characterized by a gradual increase in rainfall, from an average of 165mm (6.5") in March to 213mm (8.39") in May. Daily high temperatures during this period peak at around 29.9°C (85.8°F), while the nights cool down to around 20.2°C (68.4°F) to 20.3°C (68.5°F) on average. Humidity levels also start to rise, reaching 84% in May.

Summer weather in Moanda

The summer season (June, July, August) in Moanda brings a decline in rainfall, with July witnessing the least average rainfall of 14mm (0.55"). High temperatures remain relatively unchanged, hovering around 27.1°C (80.8°F) to 26.2°C (79.2°F), while the low temperatures slightly drop to a comforting 18.5°C (65.3°F). Coupled with a humidity level of 81%, this forms the most traditional dry season of Moanda's tropical climate.

Autumn weather in Moanda

Autumn in Moanda (September, October, November) sees an increase in rainfall accompanied by relative stability in temperatures. The rainfall heightens progressively from 126mm (4.96") in September to November's peak average of 275mm (10.83"), while the temperatures remain within the range of 26.8°C (80.2°F) to 28.5°C (83.3°F) for high temperatures and 18.9°C (66°F) to 19.8°C (67.6°F) for low temperatures.

Winter weather in Moanda

Winter months (December, January, February) in Moanda are characterized by a slight decrease in rainfall from December's 192mm (7.56") to February's 203mm (7.99"). Temperatures remain consistent, with high temperatures ranging from 28.1°C (82.6°F) to 29.4°C (84.9°F) and low temperatures varying from 19.8°C (67.6°F) to 20.2°C (68.4°F). The relative humidity level in these months shows slightly increased levels, peaking at 86% in February.

Weather in January

January sets the tone of the year in Moanda, Gabon, with warm and humid conditions dominating the weather stage. Despite having a relative humidity of 74%, temperatures climb to significant heights, reaching a high of 28.7°C (83.7°F). Weather in January »

Weather in February

Moving from January to February, there is an upward tick in several climatological parameters. February registers an average rainfall of 203mm (7.99") in Moanda, a notable rise from the previous month. The moisture in the air packs a punch as the relative humidity clocks in at 84%. Weather in February »

Weather in March

Within Moanda, March manifests as a period of intensified rainfall and equally sustained warmth. The barometer spikes at 274mm (10.79"), marking March as the month with the highest rainfall in Moanda. The trend of heightened rainy days continues, followed by substantially warm days. Weather in March »

Weather in April

April in Moanda is characterized by a slight decrease in rainfall, making way for more clear skies, albeit the moisture remains relatively high. With temperatures reaching a high of 29.8°C (85.6°F), April shares the pedestal for the warmest month alongside March. Weather in April »

Weather in May

May carries forward April's legacy in Moanda, characterized by a minor drop in temperatures and continued high humidity. Consistent with April, average temperatures peak at a hot 28.8°C (83.8°F). In contrast, daylight hours shorten slightly, hinting at the changing season. Weather in May »

Weather in June

The arrival of June brings moderate changes to the climatic scene in Moanda. Although the humidity level recedes slightly to 81%, temperatures register a noticeable dip, signalling a lower threshold. Among the drier months of the year, the rain gauge records merely 39mm (1.54") of rainfall. Weather in June »

Weather in July

July, while sustaining the low rainfall trend of June, moderates down to become the coolest month in Moanda, Gabon. The mercury drops further, marking an average lower threshold of 18.5°C (65.3°F). Nonetheless, the persistent sunlight hours refuse to back down, maintaining the city in a well-lit state. Weather in July »

Weather in August

August persists in the reduced rainfall mantra set into motion by June and July. The rainfall in Moanda clocks in at a minimal 19mm (0.75"), making August the driest month of the year. Despite the little drizzle, the city remains moderately humid. Weather in August »

Weather in September

In September, moisture in Moanda begins to reign victorious once more, as rainfall increases significantly. A surge in precipitation is observed in the city, where the rainfall rises appreciably to 126mm (4.96"). Stepping out of August's dryness, September experiences a rejuvenation of rainfall patterns. Weather in September »

Weather in October

A new season reigns supreme in October in Moanda, characterized by heavy rainfall and soaring humidity. A marked rise in measured precipitation shows October as the time of the year when rainfall mounts to 266mm (10.47"). A leap in precipitation is intertwined with relative humidity scaling higher to 87%. Weather in October »

Weather in November

Moanda's November carries forward October's legacy of substantial rainfall and humid weather. November nudges a notch higher, clocking in at 275mm (10.83") of rainfall. Accompanying humidity and temperate warmth contribute to the classic tropical feel. Weather in November »

Weather in December

As the year draws to a close, December's weather in Moanda stabilizes. While precipitations remain generous at 192mm (7.56"), it showcases a slight reprieve from the heavy downpours of the previous two months. However, the thermostat readings remain predictably within tropic norms, still maintaining a high warmth index. Weather in December »

Frequently asked questions

What is the least humid month in Moanda?

With an average relative humidity of 74%, January is the least humid month in Moanda.

How much does it rain in Moanda?

Throughout the year, in Moanda, Gabon, there are 155.2 rainfall days, and 2006mm (78.98") of precipitation is accumulated.

What is the hottest time of year in Moanda?

With average high and low temperatures of 29.9°C (85.8°F) and 20.2°C (68.4°F) respectively, March is Moanda's warmest month.

What is the month with the shortest days in Moanda?

June has the shortest days of the year in Moanda, with an average of 12h and 0min of daylight.

What month is the coldest in Moanda?

Moanda, Gabon, notes the coldest temperatures in July, with a average high of 26.2°C (79.2°F) and a low of 18.5°C (65.3°F).

What is the driest month in Moanda?

July is the month with the least rainfall in Moanda. Rain falls for 2.8 days and accumulates 14mm (0.55") of precipitation.

What are the most humid months in Moanda?

The months with the highest humidity in Moanda are October and November, with an average relative humidity of 87%.

What is the wettest month in Moanda?

November is the month with the most rainfall in Moanda. Rain falls for 20.2 days and accumulates 275mm (10.83") of precipitation.

When are the longest days in Moanda?

The month with the longest days in Moanda, Gabon, is December, with an average of 12h and 12min of daylight.

Is there Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Moanda?

Moanda does not observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). WAT timezone is used throughout the entire year.

Average temperature
Moanda, Gabon

Average temperature - Moanda, Gabon

The warmest month (with the highest average high temperature) is March (29.9°C).
The month with the lowest average high temperature is July (26.2°C).

The month with the highest average low temperature is April (20.4°C).
The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is July (18.5°C).


Average humidity
Moanda, Gabon

Average humidity - Moanda, Gabon

The months with the highest relative humidity are October and November (87%).
The month with the lowest relative humidity is January (74%).


Average rainfall
Moanda, Gabon

Average rainfall - Moanda, Gabon

The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is November (274.8mm).
The driest month (with the least rainfall) is July (13.5mm).


Average rainfall days
Moanda, Gabon

Average rainfall days - Moanda, Gabon

The month with the highest number of rainy days is November (20.2 days).
The month with the least rainy days is July (2.8 days).


Average daylight
Moanda, Gabon

Average daylight - Moanda, Gabon

The month with the longest days is December (Average daylight: 12h and 12min).
The month with the shortest days is June (Average daylight: 12h and 0min).


Moanda, Gabon

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