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Port-a-Piment, Haiti


The climate of Port-a-Piment

Located in the Caribbean region, Port-a-Piment, Haiti, falls under the Koppen climate classification of 'Aw,' signifying a tropical wet and dry or savanna climate. Longitudinal and latitudinal lines converge on this region, creating a tropical climate noted for its heat and humidity. The prevailing weather is characterized by high sea temperatures, ranging from 26.9C in February to a peak of 29.8C in September, coupled with ample daylight, with durations between 11 hours in December and 13.2 hours in June and July.

A crucial aspect of the wet and dry savanna climate is the cyclical shift between two major seasons yearly. This shift gives rise to a unique set of weather patterns. No rainfall has been recorded in certain months; conversely, specific months are characterized by heavy downpours, making them particularly interesting in terms of weather phenomena.

The best time to visit Port-a-Piment

Travelers looking to enjoy the best that Port-a-Piment has to offer, weather-wise, should look at the months when the sea temperatures reach their zenith. The period from July to November sees the highest sea temperatures, ranging from 29.1C to 29.8C, perfect for sea-loving tourists looking to indulge in recreational water activities. Furthermore, those favoring longer daylight periods may opt for travel between June and July, when the daylight hours extend to approximately 13.2 hours.

The worst time to visit Port-a-Piment

Tourists aiming to avoid the least favorable weather conditions in Port-a-Piment should forego visiting during the months when sea temperatures are relatively low. February, with an average sea temperature of 26.9C, represents the coldest month in terms of water conditions. Additionally, travelers favoring longer daylight hours might want to avoid visiting in December, when the daylight period is only 11 hours.

Spring weather in Port-a-Piment

Springtime in Port-a-Piment is characterized by gradually rising sea temperatures. The transition from 27.1C in March to 28.2C in May provides ample warmth for tourists planning a dip in the Caribbean Sea. Concurrently, continuous upswings in daylight hours from 12.1 to 13 hours offer extended periods of sun to enjoy the outdoors.

Summer weather in Port-a-Piment

The summer season in Port-a-Piment brings the highest sea temperatures, peaking at 29.7C in August. Alongside the warm sea temperatures, daylight extends from 13.2 hours in June to 12.7 hours in August, giving tourists ample time to soak up the summer sun and indulge in their favorite beachside activities.

Autumn weather in Port-a-Piment

During the autumn months, tourists in Port-a-Piment can enjoy sea temperatures that remain relatively stable and warm—spanning from 29.8C in September to 29.2C in November. Packed with daylight hours ranging from 12.2 in September to 11.3 in November, this period supports plenty of outings and explorations.

Winter weather in Port-a-Piment

Winter in Port-a-Piment is noticeable for its slightly lower sea temperatures and reduced daylight hours. The sea temperature lowers from 28.3C in December to 26.9C by February, which may sway the sea and water-activity inclined visitors. Winter days are shorter, with daylight hours marking 11 in December to 11.6 in February, slightly reducing the amount of outdoor activity time.

Weather in January

The year kicks off in Port-a-Piment, Haiti with warm weather, ideal for beach outings and water activities. The ocean temperature stands at a pleasing 27.3°C (81.1°F) which is a fraction cooler than the months that follow. The daylight hours, totaling 11.2, allow ample time for outdoor exploration. Weather in January »

Weather in February

February follows January’s rhythms closely. The daylight hours increase to 11.6, providing expanded opportunities for outdoor adventures. Warm sea temperatures remain consistent with a slight rise to 26.9°C (80.4°F). This period supports several aquatic delights in Port-a-Piment and continues to be inviting to water sports enthusiasts. Weather in February »

Weather in March

As March descends upon Port-a-Piment, the pleasant shift in atmospheric conditions becomes increasingly noticeable. The daylight extends to 12.1 hours, thus providing longer intervals for fun-filled activities. Simultaneously, the sea temperature ascends to a warmer 27.1°C (80.8°F). Weather in March »

Weather in April

April’s weather conditions in Port-a-Piment retain the extended daylight hours from the preceding month, remaining at 12.6 hours. In unison, the sea temperature escalates further to 27.7°C (81.9°F), adding to the town's charm during this season. Weather in April »

Weather in May

Come May, summer traits become more eminent in Port-a-Piment. The sea temperature continues to climb, reaching 28.2°C (82.8°F), making ocean-going activities much more enjoyable. Accompanied by daylight that peaks at a remarkable 13 hours, it ushers in the onset of the summer season. Weather in May »

Weather in June

June experiences one of the warmest sea temperatures of the year in Port-a-Piment, peaking at 28.7°C (83.7°F). This month also experiences an impressive 13.2 hours of daylight, enabling outdoor enthusiasts to maximize their time under the sun. Weather in June »

Weather in July

July in Port-a-Piment continues the trend of warm sea temperatures, clocking in at 29.1°C (84.4°F). Daylight hours slightly decrease to 13.1 but remain ample enough for various outdoor and maritime activities. The month exudes the summer season’s charm, cultivating a lively ambience around the coastal town. Weather in July »

Weather in August

Port-a-Piment maintains its warm sea temperature streak in August, hitting a substantial high of 29.7°C (85.5°F). Although daylight hours reduce down to 12.7, they remain ample for extended daytime activities. This unique weather ensures that afternoon beach strolls and early evening barbecues are still feasible. Weather in August »

Weather in September

As September arrives in Port-a-Piment, there are slight changes in the weather with sea temperatures rating the highest for the year at 29.8°C (85.6°F). Daylight hours reaching up to 12.2 symbolize the gradual transition of the season. Weather in September »

Weather in October

In Port-a-Piment, October showcases the gradual decline in sea temperatures, standing at 29.5°C (85.1°F). Daylight hours fall back to 11.7, signifying the onset of shorter days. Nonetheless, the weather remains significantly warm. Weather in October »

Weather in November

As November unfolds, sea temperatures in Port-a-Piment continue to drop, recording a mild 29.2°C (84.6°F). Daylight hours decrease to a shorter span of 11.3, announcing the impending arrival of winter. Though November brings about a tangible shift in the city's tempo, it remains particularly attractive for tourists seeking solace from harsh winter conditions prevailing in other regions. Weather in November »

Weather in December

December in Port-a-Piment presents cooler sea temperatures, averaging 28.3°C (82.9°F). Daylight hours get trimmed down to 11, intimating the arrival of the cooler season. The weather conditions usher in a serene atmosphere around the city. Weather in December »

Frequently asked questions

What is the month with the coldest sea water in Port-a-Piment?

With an average sea temperature of 26.9°C (80.4°F), February is the month with the coldest seawater.

When is Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Port-a-Piment?

On Sunday, 10. March 2024, at 02:00, Daylight Saving Time starts in Port-a-Piment, and the time zone changes from EST to EDT. Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, 03. November 2024, at 02:00, and the time zone reverts from EDT to EST.

When are the longest days in Port-a-Piment?

June has the longest days of the year in Port-a-Piment, with an average of 13h and 12min of daylight.

What month is the sea warmest in Port-a-Piment?

September is the month with the warmest seawater, with an average sea temperature of 29.8°C (85.6°F).

What is the month with the shortest days in Port-a-Piment?

The month with the shortest days is December, with an average of 11h and 6min of daylight.

Average sea temperature
Port-a-Piment, Haiti

Average sea temperature - Port-a-Piment, Haiti

The best month for swimming (with the highest average sea temperature) is September (29.8°C).
The coldest month (with the lowest average sea temperature) is February (26.9°C).


Average daylight
Port-a-Piment, Haiti

Average daylight - Port-a-Piment, Haiti

The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 13h and 12min).
The month with the shortest days is December (Average daylight: 11h and 6min).


Port-a-Piment, Haiti

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