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La Ceiba, Honduras


The climate of La Ceiba

La Ceiba, a city located on the northern coast of Honduras, holds a tropical rainforest climate, indicated by its Af Köppen climate classification. In this zone, high temperatures and high consistent rainfall occur throughout the year. The city records a stable temperature bracket from 18.4°C (65.1°F) to 31.3°C (88.3°F) over twelve months, administering the region's characteristic warmth.

The continuation of fluctuating levels of humidity and rainfall, alongside temperatures, offers insight into the weather variations of the city. A close look at the temperatures reveals the highest average temperature at 31.3°C (88.3°F) in May and June, whilst the lowest average temperature subsides to 18.4°C (65.1°F) in January and February. Rainfall peaks to a maximum of 540mm (21.26") in November with the lowest in April, amounting to 77mm (3.03"). The number of rainfall days over the year ranges from 13 days in August, September, November to a mere four in May.

The daylight hours vary between a maximum of 13.1 hours in June to a minimum of 11.2 hours in December, witnessing longer days in summers and shorter in winters. A pattern follows in the number of sunshine hours as well, with a high of 7.8 hours in April to a low of 4.8 hours in November.

The best time to visit La Ceiba

The most favorable times to plan a visit to La Ceiba would be during the months of April and May. Rainfall is at its yearly lower end during these months with April witnessing only 77mm (3.03") precipitation. Simultaneously, the city basks in higher sunshine hours, making it comfortable for outdoor activities. Although temperatures do escalate to 30.1°C (86.2°F) to 31.3°C (88.3°F), the inviting conditions of cooler evenings around 20.7°C (69.3°F) to 22.2°C (72°F), supplemented by pleasant sunshine, contribute to a welcoming climate during these months.

The worst time to visit La Ceiba

Caution is advised to those planning to visit La Ceiba between September and November. These months mark the peak monsoon season with exceedingly high rainfall, measuring from 424mm (16.69") in September to 540mm (21.26") in November. The elevated precipitation is accompanied by overcast skies reducing the amount of sunshine to 4.9 hours in October and 4.8 hours in November. It's also worth noting that temperatures remain relatively high, ranging from 29.5°C (85.1°F) to 28.2°C (82.8°F) despite the heavy rainfall, leading to rather uncomfortable conditions.

Spring weather in La Ceiba

Spring months in La Ceiba present a transition from the leaner months to the city's monsoon period. March initiates the season with a rise in temperature to 29°C (84.2°F) during the day and dropping to a pleasant 19.5°C (67.1°F) at night. Alongside, rainfall begins to increase mildly to 225mm (8.86") spread across six days. Moving to April, as temperatures ascend to 30.1°C (86.2°F), the region receives the least rainfall of 77mm (3.03") for the year, a prelude to its impending monsoon season.

Summer weather in La Ceiba

With the advent of summer from May to July, temperatures in La Ceiba ascend to their annual peak around 31.3°C (88.3°F). Despite the surging temperatures, rainfall begins to elevate marking the start of the monsoon period. May records a rainfall of 155mm (6.1") over ten days. This pattern further intensifies in June, resulting in 175mm (6.89") of rainfall over 11 days with temperatures only slightly cooling to 30.8°C (87.4°F). Yet, longer daylight periods, registering at 13.1 and 13 hours in May and June respectively, provide ample sunshine, making it a decent period for those not minding occasional showers.

Autumn weather in La Ceiba

Monsoons are full-blown in autumn, crowning it as the wettest season of the year in La Ceiba. September registers a rainfall of 424mm (16.69") over 14 days, which then escalates to 540mm (21.26") in November. Correspondingly, temperature ranges between a warm 30.9°C (87.6°F) in August to a slightly cooler 28.2°C (82.8°F) in November. Limited sunshine hours, primarily due to intense rain, are evident during this season, making autumn less favorable for visitors preferring outdoor activities.

Winter weather in La Ceiba

In winter, from December to February, La Ceiba continues to experience a high amount of rainfall, albeit progressively decreasing with each passing month. December records the highest precipitation for the season with 479mm (18.86"), tapering to 305mm (12.01") in February. Correspondingly, the average daily temperature descends to its annual lowest value of 27.3°C (81.1°F) in December, with nights becoming noticeably cooler from 22°C (71.6°F) to 18.4°C (65.1°F) by February. However, more sunshine hours are observed during winter as compared to autumn, leading to mildly better conditions for outdoor explorations.

Weather in January

The year in La Ceiba, Honduras, starts with the month of January, which has noticeable climate parameters compared to adjacent months. The mix of a high amount of rainfall, high humidity, and lower sunshine hours gives January a distinctive weather pattern. Weather in January »

Weather in February

February in La Ceiba presents a shift in weather patterns from the previous month. Despite seeing the highest rainfall in the year at 330mm (12.99"), there are fewer rainy days, meaning rainfall events are heavier but less frequent. Weather in February »

Weather in March

With the arrival of March, La Ceiba experiences a sharp decline in rainfall to 225mm (8.86") compared to February's peak. This shift is accompanied by an increase in sunshine hours, enhancing the city's appeal as a tourist destination. Weather in March »

Weather in April

April sees an appreciable change in the weather of La Ceiba, as it is characterized by a significant drop in rainfall to 121mm (4.76"), marking a transition from the wetter months of the year. This month sees a rise in both temperature and daylight hours, bringing brighter and warmer days. Weather in April »

Weather in May

The month of May in La Ceiba offers optimal weather parameters, perfect for those seeking the sun. With the lowest rainfall recorded at only 77mm (3.03") for the year, it is the driest month. Concurrently, the longer sunshine hours provide ample opportunities to sightsee and enjoy the beaches. Weather in May »

Weather in June

June in La Ceiba witnesses a reversal of the preceding dry trend, as rainfall starts to increase to 155mm (6.1"). The weather remains warm, and the increase in cloud cover results in slightly fewer sunshine hours. The recurrent showers replenish the region's flora, maintaining the vibrancy of its ecosystems. Weather in June »

Weather in July

July presents a continuation of the previous month's weather trend, with an increase in rainfall to 175mm (6.89"). This causes a decrease in daylight hours, resulting in cooler days. The increase in precipitation levels contributes to maintaining the lush, green landscapes characteristic of the Honduran tropical region. Weather in July »

Weather in August

As the year progresses, August brings a slight rise in rainfall to 197mm (7.76") in La Ceiba. Coupled with high humidity, these conditions create a moist, tropical climate. Despite these changes, the temperature rise remains minimal, providing a comfortable environment for locals and visitors. Weather in August »

Weather in September

In September, La Ceiba records a marginal increase in rainfall from the previous month, accumulating to 203mm (7.99"). It continues the trend of high humidity and near-constant temperatures. Sunlight hours begin to decline, signaling the approach of cooler months ahead. Weather in September »

Weather in October

October brings a substantial climate shift to La Ceiba, with rainfall soaring to a significant 424mm (16.69"), the highest in the year. It marks the beginning of the most humid period, with increased occurrences of heavy showers and storms. Weather in October »

Weather in November

The trend continues in November as La Ceiba experiences its second highest rainfall of the year at 540mm (21.26"). As the rain becomes more persistent, the city embraces its rainy season. Even though there's a decrease in daylight hours, the city's cultural vibrancy remains evident. Weather in November »

Weather in December

The year concludes in La Ceiba with December experiencing a small dip in rainfall to 479mm (18.86"). Temperatures remain consistent with previous months, and the short day length begins to increase slowly. The city celebrates the holiday season amidst the characteristic rainy climate, adding charm to the festivities. Weather in December »

Frequently asked questions

What is the coldest month in La Ceiba?

Temperature readings in La Ceiba, Honduras, reach their annual highs in January, averaging 27°C (80.6°F) and a minimum average of 18.4°C (65.1°F).

How much does it rain in La Ceiba?

Throughout the year, there are 120 rainfall days, and 3230mm (127.17") of precipitation is accumulated.

What month has the most sunshine in La Ceiba?

The month with the most sunshine in La Ceiba, Honduras, is April, with an average of 7.8h of sunshine.

What is the hottest time of year in La Ceiba?

During May and June, La Ceiba registers its highest temperatures, averaging a high of 31.3°C (88.3°F).

What is the driest month in La Ceiba?

May is the month with the least rainfall in La Ceiba, Honduras. Rain falls for 4 days and accumulates 77mm (3.03") of precipitation.

When are the longest days in La Ceiba?

June has the longest days of the year in La Ceiba, with an average of 13h and 6min of daylight.

What is the least humid month in La Ceiba?

September is the least humid month, with an average relative humidity of 78%.

What is the most humid month in La Ceiba?

With an average relative humidity of 84%, November is the most humid month.

What is the rainiest month in La Ceiba?

November is the month with the most rainfall. Rain falls for 13 days and accumulates 540mm (21.26") of precipitation.

What is the month with the least sunshine in La Ceiba?

November has the least sunshine of the year, with an average of 4.8h of sunshine.

What is the month with the shortest days in La Ceiba?

December has the shortest days of the year in La Ceiba, Honduras, with an average of 11h and 12min of daylight.

Is there Daylight Saving Time (DST) in La Ceiba?

La Ceiba, Honduras, does not observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). CST timezone is used over the entire year.

Average temperature
La Ceiba, Honduras

Average temperature - La Ceiba, Honduras

The warmest months (with the highest average high temperature) are May and June (31.3°C).
The month with the lowest average high temperature is January (27°C).

The month with the highest average low temperature is June (22.6°C).
The coldest months (with the lowest average low temperature) are January and February (18.4°C).


Average humidity
La Ceiba, Honduras

Average humidity - La Ceiba, Honduras

The month with the highest relative humidity is November (84%).
The month with the lowest relative humidity is September (78%).


Average rainfall
La Ceiba, Honduras

Average rainfall - La Ceiba, Honduras

The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is November (539.6mm).
The driest month (with the least rainfall) is May (76.9mm).


Average rainfall days
La Ceiba, Honduras

Average rainfall days - La Ceiba, Honduras

The month with the highest number of rainy days is October (14 days).
The month with the least rainy days is May (4 days).


Average daylight / Average sunshine
La Ceiba, Honduras

Average daylight / Average sunshine - La Ceiba, Honduras

The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 13h and 6min).
The month with the shortest days is December (Average daylight: 11h and 12min).

The month with the most sunshine is April (Average sunshine: 7h and 48min).
The month with the least sunshine is November (Average sunshine: 4h and 48min).


La Ceiba, Honduras

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