February weather forecast
Massachusetts, USA

Flag of Massachusetts, USA
Flag of Massachusetts, USA

Weather in February

February sees dark skies in Massachusetts, with no respite from the severe cold. The snowfall is substantial, with Worthington in the central region recording up to 18" (457mm). The average temperatures are in the cold 12°F (-11.1°C) to 40°F (4.4°C) zone, as many places experience freezing days and nights. The sun is absent regularly as dark clouds cover the skies.
The severe cold makes it challenging to step outside, as snow blowers and snow plows regularly clear the pavements, driveways, and roads. A warm burst can give a pleasant surprise during the winter briefly, but the majority of the days are cold and dark in the absence of intense sunshine. Nor’easters bring heavy snow and icy precipitation in the winter. Stack fuel for generators, batteries, and food as storms can cause major power outages.
Locals enjoy ice skating, snow tubing, skiing, and other activities at the slightest opportunity of warmth. Watch out for snowstorms in February in Massachusetts.


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