July weather forecast

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Weather in July

July in Mauritius marks the middle of the winter season. The temperature continues its downward trajectory from the warmer months, resulting in the year's coolest conditions. Additionally, rainfall reaches a low point during this period, making it one of the driest months on the island.

Compared to June, there is a further decrease in temperature in July, and it is one of the coldest months of the year. Despite the relative coolness, the climate remains fairly warm by most standards, as Mauritius lies in the tropics.

Rainfall in July continues to reduce, mirroring the decline in temperature. With the frequency of rain at its lowest, the island enjoys abundant sunshine hours. These sunny, dry, and cool conditions make July an appealing month for a range of activities, especially those outdoors.

In regional weather patterns, Port Louis sustains its dryer climate due to its position on the leeward side of the island. However, high-altitude areas like Plaine Champagne still receive more rain than other regions, despite the island-wide decrease in precipitation.

The trade winds from the southeast, which were pronounced during the summer months, remain subdued in July. The average wind speeds continue to stay in the range of 20.9km/h to 29km/h, contributing to the calm and serene weather conditions.

The drop in humidity that began in the preceding months continues into July, enhancing the overall comfort of the climate. The reduced humidity, coupled with the relatively cooler temperatures, results in a more pleasant environment.

Despite being in the middle of winter, seawater temperatures stay warm, averaging between 22.2°C and 27.2°C. This maintains the viability of water activities, complementing the outdoor activities that benefit from July's moderate temperatures, minimal rainfall, and comfortable humidity levels.

  • Port Louis - July »
    In Port Louis, in July, during 15.3 rainfall days, 16mm of precipitation is typically accumulated. July in Port Louis showcases balmy climatic conditions with temperatures averaging between 23.6°C and 21.4°C.
  • Curepipe - July »
    On the first day of July in Curepipe sunrise is at 06:46 and sunset at 17:41. In Curepipe in July, during 15.8 rainfall days, 18mm of precipitation is typically accumulated.
  • Quatre Bornes - July »
    Lowest temperatures in Quatre Bornes are observed in July and August, averaging a high-temperature of 23.3°C. July has the least sunshine of the year in Quatre Bornes with an average of 6.2h of sunshine.
  • Mahebourg - July »
    In Mahebourg during July, the rain falls for 19.3 days and regularly aggregates up to 27mm of precipitation. In Mahebourg in July, the average water temperature is 24.3°C.
  • Saint Pierre - July »
    In July, Mauritius's Saint Pierre continues to experience a cooling trend, with the mercury dipping to 23.6°C as the highest temperature. In Saint Pierre, during July, the rain falls for 15.3 days and regularly aggregates up to 16mm of precipitation.
  • Le Hochet - July »
    July in Le Hochet sees similar weather conditions to June, with slight differences in temperature and wind speed. Overall, July offers pleasant weather by balancing sunshine and rain, serving up the lush green landscapes of Le Hochet.
  • Goodlands - July »
    July sees the temperatures in Goodlands, Mauritius drop slightly to an average low of 21.4°C while the average wind gust speed reaches its peak of 31.5km/h. The month with the least sunshine in Goodlands is July, with an average of 6.3h of sunshine.
  • Triolet - July »
    Transitioning into July, Triolet witnesses the coolest temperatures of the year, marking the apex of the winter season. As Triolet transitions into July, the average high-temperature stands at a still moderately hot 23.6°C, offering little variation from the preceding month.
  • Souillac - July »
    In Souillac, Mauritius, the average seawater temperature in July is 24.3°C. In July, on the first day of the month, sunrise is at 06:46 and sunset at 17:40.
  • Tamarin - July »
    July and August are identified as the coldest months in Tamarin with an average high-temperature of 23.3°C. The coldest period in Tamarin with an average high-temperature of 23.3°C, falls in July and August.
  • Plaine Magnien - July »
    July through September, with an average relative humidity of 74%, are the least humid months in Plaine Magnien. July through September, with an average relative humidity of 74%, are the least humid months in Plaine Magnien.


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