July weather forecast

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Flag of Namibia

Weather in July

July in Namibia continues the trend of the dry winter season. With minimal changes in weather patterns from June, temperatures across the country generally range from 6°C to 22°C. Rainfall remains virtually absent, with the average precipitation less than 5mm, reinforcing July's standing as one of the driest months of the year.

In Windhoek, located on the Central Plateau, July temperatures typically vary between 6°C to 21°C. The city continues to experience predominantly sunny days, despite the low temperatures, particularly during the early mornings and evenings. With virtually no rainfall and low humidity, the climate remains arid and crisp.

The coastal cities of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, under the influence of the Benguela Current, maintain cooler temperatures. In these regions, July temperatures usually oscillate between 10°C to 19°C. The persistent coastal fog, especially during the morning hours, remains a characteristic feature of the region, contributing to the cooling effect.

Compared to June, July in Namibia sees little change in the weather patterns, with low temperatures and dry conditions continuing to prevail. As the country progresses into August, the winter season starts to recede, paving the way for a gradual increase in temperatures and the onset of the spring months.

  • Windhoek - July »
    July is the coldest month with the temperature often reaching an average high of 19.8°C and an average low of 6°C. June and July, with an average maximum UV index of 4, are months with the lowest UV index in Windhoek.
  • Swakopmund - July »
    As July starts in Swakopmund, Namibia, an average high temperature of a still agreeable 21.8°C suggests no significant change from June. July brings the coldest weather to Swakopmund, with the lowest temperatures of the year, from 15.7°C to 21.8°C.
  • Walvis Bay - July »
    July marks the coldest month in Walvis Bay with high temperatures falling to a chilly 18.3°C. On the last day of July, in Walvis Bay, sunrise is at 07:36 and sunset at 18:40 CAT.
  • Oshakati - July »
    July, the deep winter month in this region, proves to be the coldest month in Oshakati closely mirroring June in terms of the scarcity of rainfall. On the last day of July, in Oshakati, sunrise is at 07:24 and sunset at 18:43 CAT.
  • Rundu - July »
    On the first day of July in Rundu sunrise is at 07:12 and sunset at 18:16. The months with the lowest UV index in Rundu are May through July, with an average maximum UV index of 5.
  • Otjiwarongo - July »
    Lowest temperatures in Otjiwarongo are observed in June and July, averaging a high-temperature of 24°C. In Otjiwarongo rain does not fall in June and July.
  • Luderitz - July »
    On the first day of July in Luderitz sunrise is at 07:48 and sunset at 18:17. The shift to July in Luderitz signals an average high-temperature of a still pleasant 20.8°C, subtly varied from June's 21.1°C.
  • Tsumeb - July »
    July marks the second month wholly free from rainfall in Tsumeb and sees a steep drop in temperatures with the low temperature recorded at 6.8°C. July is the coldest month in Tsumeb, exhibiting average temperatures of 22.6°C at the peak and 6.8°C at the base.
  • Katima Mulilo - July »
    On the first day of July in Katima Mulilo sunrise is at 06:53 and sunset at 17:59. With the onset of July, Katima Mulilo's average high-temperature clocks in at a still warm 25°C, showing a minor fluctuation from the previous month.
  • Gobabis - July »
    Gobabis's July weather, marked by an average high temperature of 21.3°C and an average low temperature of 7°C, is the coldest in the year. With an average maximum UV index of 4, July is the month with the lowest UV index in Gobabis.
  • Keetmanshoop - July »
    On the first day of July in Keetmanshoop sunrise is at 07:36 and sunset at 18:06. In Keetmanshoop, Namibia, during July, the rain falls for 1 days and regularly aggregates up to 2mm of precipitation.


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