November weather forecast

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Flag of Namibia

Weather in November

November in Namibia signifies the start of the hot summer season, and it also marks the beginning of the rainy season. Temperatures across the country continue to climb, usually fluctuating between 18°C and 34°C. Rainfall begins to increase, with the average precipitation reaching approximately 30mm, setting the stage for the forthcoming heavy rains.

In Windhoek, located on the Central Plateau, November temperatures typically fall between 19°C to 35°C. The city experiences an increase in rain showers, and although the number of sunny days remains high, the climate becomes more humid, indicating the full onset of the summer season.

The coastal cities of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, under the influence of the Benguela Current, continue to record relatively cooler temperatures. In these areas, November temperatures usually vary between 16°C to 25°C. The occurrence of morning fog decreases significantly as the warmer summer weather takes hold.

Compared to October, November in Namibia sees a substantial increase in both temperatures and rainfall. As the country moves into December, the onset of the summer rainy season becomes more pronounced, with frequent rain showers and high temperatures defining the climate.

  • Windhoek - November »
    On the first day of November sunrise is at 06:06 and sunset at 19:03. With an average of 10.6h of sunshine, November has the most sunshine of the year in Windhoek, Namibia.
  • Swakopmund - November »
    November in Swakopmund, sees a considerable rise in temperature and relative humidity blends the temperature rise. In Swakopmund, in November, the average water temperature is 15.2°C.
  • Walvis Bay - November »
    In November, the average sea temperature in Walvis Bay, Namibia, is 15.2°C. November at Walvis Bay presents a climate nearing perfection, with high temperatures peaking at 17.6°C.
  • Oshakati - November »
    In Oshakati in November, during 13.5 rainfall days, 47mm of precipitation is typically accumulated. Under the reign of the hot season, temperatures in Oshakati, Namibia, start to pull back from October's peak in November.
  • Rundu - November »
    In Rundu, Namibia, during November, the rain falls for 13.8 days and regularly aggregates up to 44mm of precipitation. The weather in November shows Rundu entering its wet season, with a considerable rise in rainfall from 8mm in October to 44mm.
  • Otjiwarongo - November »
    On the first day of November in Otjiwarongo, sunrise is at 06:11 and sunset at 19:02. Otjiwarongo logs a substantial downturn to an enjoyable 16°C during November nights, a considerable shift from daytime highs.
  • Luderitz - November »
    In Luderitz the average seawater temperature in November is 15.5°C. November is the first month it rains in Luderitz, Namibia.
  • Tsumeb - November »
    In Tsumeb in November, during 15.3 rainfall days, 77mm of precipitation is typically accumulated. On the last day of November, in Tsumeb, sunrise is at 06:01 and sunset at 19:13 CAT.
  • Katima Mulilo - November »
    November, the last month of the spring in Katima Mulilo, is hot month, with temperature in the range of an average low of 19.3°C and an average high of 30.3°C. In Katima Mulilo, during November, the rain falls for 10 days and regularly aggregates up to 70mm of precipitation.
  • Gobabis - November »
    On the last day of November, in Gobabis sunrise is at 05:50 and sunset at 19:14 CAT. On the first day of November in Gobabis, Namibia, sunrise is at 05:59 and sunset at 18:55.
  • Keetmanshoop - November »
    The months with the highest UV index in Keetmanshoop, Namibia, are January, February, November and December, with an average maximum UV index of 7. November and December, with an average of 12.1h of sunshine, are months with the most sunshine in Keetmanshoop, Namibia.


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