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Weather in March

March signals the beginning of autumn on Norfolk Island. While the summer warmth lingers, temperatures begin to decrease slightly compared to February. The average temperatures during this month typically range from 18°C to 24°C. Despite this transition, the weather remains relatively mild, consistent with the island's subtropical oceanic climate. As in previous months, the climate remains stable across the island, with no major variations in weather conditions between different areas or cities.

Precipitation in March slightly decreases compared to February, with an average rainfall of about 80mm to 90mm, spread over around twelve days of the month. The nature of this precipitation continues to be predominantly light showers that do not significantly hinder outdoor activities.

Comparing March with April, the subsequent month, the temperatures continue to decline gently into more autumnal ranges. Rainfall also shows a slight increase as the year progresses into April. Nevertheless, the milder temperatures and lower rainfall in March still make it an appealing time for visitors who prefer cooler and less rainy conditions.

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    The month with the most rainfall in Kingston is March, when the rain falls for 20.7 days and typically aggregates up to 108mm of precipitation. In Kingston, Norfolk Island, during March, the rain falls for 20.7 days and regularly aggregates up to 108mm of precipitation.

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