August weather forecast

Flag of Antarctica
Flag of Antarctica

Weather in August

August in Antarctica remains deep within the winter season, characterized by severe cold and darkness. Coastal temperatures during this month fluctuate between -30°C (-22°F) and -25°C (-13°F), while the interior regions of the continent can experience temperatures as low as -75°C (-103°F).

The well-known research stations McMurdo and Amundsen-Scott South Pole continue to record extremely low temperatures. At McMurdo Station, temperatures average around -30°C (-22°F), whereas at the South Pole Station, temperatures hover around -75°C (-103°F).

August sees the sea ice extent nearing its maximum, effectively isolating the continent from most conventional sea travel. Consequently, tourist activities during this month are non-existent due to the extreme weather conditions.

In terms of wildlife, the harsh conditions have driven most species away, with one notable exception: the emperor penguins. In August, the male emperor penguins are typically nearing the end of their egg incubation period.

When compared to July, August continues the trend of extreme cold and prolonged periods of darkness, as the sun remains below the horizon, perpetuating the Polar Night. Looking ahead to September, Antarctica will begin to transition out of its harsh winter as temperatures slightly rise and the sun begins to peek above the horizon, signaling the arrival of spring.

  • Artigas Base - August »
    On the first day of August sunrise is at 00:22 and sunset at 07:41. The months with the least sunshine in Artigas Base are April through August, with an average of 0h of sunshine.
  • McMurdo - August »
    The months with the least snowfall in McMurdo are January and August Snow falls for 14.5 days and accumulates 66mm (2.6") of snow. In McMurdo, Antarctica, during August, snow falls for 14.5 days and regularly aggregates up to 66mm (2.6") of snow.
  • Snow Hill Island - August »
    Snow Hill Island experiences lowest temperatures, averaging a high-temperature of -14°C (6.8°F) during July and August. Snow Hill Island's lowest average temperatures are recorded in July and August, reaching a high of -14°C (6.8°F).


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