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Flag of Antarctica
Flag of Antarctica

Weather in June

June is in the heart of the Antarctic winter. This month experiences the longest periods of darkness and some of the coldest temperatures of the year. The coast has average temperatures ranging between -25°C and -20°C, while the interior of the continent plunges to as low as -70°C.

At the McMurdo Station, temperatures are typically around -25°C, and at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, temperatures can fall to -70°C. These conditions represent some of the most extreme on Earth.

The sea ice reaches near its maximum extent in June, further isolating the continent and rendering it inaccessible by typical sea travel. Consequently, there are no tourist activities during this period.

Most wildlife is absent from Antarctica in June, having migrated to warmer climates. However, one notable exception is the emperor penguin. These resilient birds continue their breeding cycle, with females laying their eggs and subsequently transferring them to their male partners for incubation.

Compared to May, June is colder and darker, with the sun completely below the horizon for most of the month, resulting in Polar Night. As Antarctica moves into July, it remains deep in the winter season, with temperatures staying extremely low and the continent continuing to be enveloped in extended darkness.

  • Artigas Base - June »
    The month with the shortest days in Artigas Base is June, with an average of 5h and 12min of daylight. June emerges as the darkest month in Artigas Base with daylight limited to a mere 5.2 hours.
  • McMurdo - June »
    In McMurdo, Antarctica, in June, snow falls for 15.6 days, with typically accumulated 178mm of snow. In McMurdo in June, it is raining for 5.7 days, with typically 25mm of accumulated precipitation.
  • Snow Hill Island - June »
    With the onset of June, Snow Hill Island's average high-temperature clocks in at a still frigid cold -12°C, showing a minor fluctuation from the previous month. On the last day of June, in Snow Hill Island, sunrise is at 01:48 and sunset at 05:56 NZST.


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