Climate and monthly weather forecast
Otélé, Cameroon


The climate of Otélé

Situated within the tropics, Otélé, Cameroon, operates within the climate parameters of the Köppen climate classification of Aw, typically categorized as tropical wet and dry or savanna. With such conditions, the weather is shaped by fluctuating patterns in temperature, humidity, and rainfall throughout the year.

Annual temperature patterns move from a higher range to a cooler one. January experiences the highest typical temperatures of 32.9°C (91.2°F), descending to a cooler 26.8°C (80.2°F) in August, and rebounding back to 31.1°C (88°F) by December. Conversely, lows consolidate around the 19°C (66.2°F) mark and rarely range beyond 20.8°C (69.4°F) all year.

Humidity also plays a crucial role in dictating Otélé's climate. Starting from 70% relative humidity in January, this value escalates to a sticky high of 90% from September to November, before it recedes again towards 74% in December.

A similar pattern is observed in rainfalls. With only 20mm (0.79") of rainfall in January, precipitation intensifies steeply to peak at 147mm (5.79") in May, then takes a gradual tumble, circling back to 31mm (1.22") by December. Contrastingly, however, pressure readings retain remarkable consistency, fluctuating narrowly within the range of 1010.2mb to 1014.1mb.

The Best Time to Visit Otélé

For visitors seeking to enjoy the serenity and tranquil of Otélé, December stands out as the prime pick. This month features quite a high average temperature of 31.1°C (88°F), humidity reduces to a comfortable 74%, and rainfall dwindles to just 31mm (1.22"). While average wind velocities of 4.4km/h (2.7mph) might lend an occasional breezy respite, with approximately 9.6 hours of sunshine, this month indeed offers the most favorable conditions for outdoor activities.

The Worst Time to Visit Otélé

For the discernment of travellers, May traditionally poses the harshest weather conditions. While temperatures ease back to a manageable 29.7°C (85.5°F), a surge in rainfall to 147mm (5.79") and humidity levels soaring to an oppressive 87% create an inhospitable environment.

Spring Weather in Otélé

While Otélé, seated in the tropics, does not experience a spring season in terms of moderate temperatures and blooming plants, visitors can still witness a shift in weather from February to April. During this period, temperatures generally hover in the lower 30s°C, with lows settling around 20°C (68°F). Rainfall sees a dramatic rise from 44mm (1.73") to 133mm (5.24"), indicative of the impending wet period.

Summer Weather in Otélé

Otélé's 'summer' months, from May to August, are characterized by a consistent downturn in temperatures and rising degrees of rainfall and humidity. During these months, temperatures drop from 29.7°C (85.5°F) to the yearly low of 26.8°C (80.2°F). Humidity also escalates, touching the maximum of 89% in this period. Rainfall, too, peaks at 147mm (5.79") in May, but eases off to 62mm (2.44") by August.

Autumn Weather in Otélé

Otélé's 'autumn' period, extending from September to November, experiences a rebound in average high temperatures from 27.4°C (81.3°F) to 29.2°C (84.6°F). Rainfall, distinctively, shoots up again, from 99mm (3.9") in September to the hefty 198mm (7.8") in October, before returning to 130mm (5.12") in November.

Winter Weather in Otélé

From December to January, which can be equated to the 'winter months' in Otélé, temperatures resume their climb to higher magnitudes, ranging from 31.1°C (88°F) to 32.9°C (91.2°F). Counterintuitively though, rainfall comes to a low ebb, from 31mm (1.22") in December back to 20mm (0.79") in January. Humidity, too, takes a dip from 74% in December down to 70% in January.

Weather in January

Moving from December, the temperate outlook of January in Otélé, Cameroon, exhibits a fair blend of contrast and continuity. The climatic distinction is apparent in both dampness and temperature. The humidity surges to 70% while the average temperature varies between 19.8°C (67.6°F) to 32.4°C (90.3°F). Weather in January »

Weather in February

February ushers in an upward tick in moisture levels that move from 70% to 74%. Mildly humid conditions are pronounced with rainfall recording an increase from 20mm (0.79") to 44mm (1.73"). Relative to January, visible changes are noted in average low and high temperatures, daytime hours, and wind speeds. Weather in February »

Weather in March

Moving into March, the pattern of incremental weather dynamics continues to develop over Otélé. Humidity levels reach a 79% peak, marking a noticeable accent from February's 74%. The rhythm of the African weather drumbeats newer melodies with warmer days, cooler nights, and gusty winds. Weather in March »

Weather in April

April signals changes as Otélé transitions into a damper, slightly cooler phase. The most prominent change in the weather chart is the leap in rainfall from 92mm (3.62") to 133mm (5.24"). The sun stays out slightly longer, and the city records wind speeds of up to 4.3km/h (2.7mph). Weather in April »

Weather in May

The African sun softens in May over Otélé. Temperature differences between night and day are less distinct, dropping from 31.1°C (88°F) to 29.7°C (85.5°F) as nighttime temperatures continue to hover around 20.2°C (68.4°F). A further increase in rainfall to 147mm (5.79") and relative humidity hitting the 87% mark indicate a peak in wetness. Weather in May »

Weather in June

Slight changes descend upon Otélé in June. A marked decrease in rainfall from 147mm (5.79") to 108mm (4.25") coupled with incrementally declining temperature highs suggest the onset of cooler days. Modest adjustments in wind speeds, pressure, and visibility levels write the weather script. Weather in June »

Weather in July

In July, Otélé sees the scales tipping again. The highest fall in monthly rainfall from 108mm (4.25") to 80mm (3.15") indicates a pronounced swing towards drier days. A slight dip in average high temperatures coupled with streamlined wind speeds and cloud cover continues the descent into lesser rainfall. Weather in July »

Weather in August

A change in weather gears subtly propels Otélé into August. A reduction in rainfall to 62mm (2.44") coupled with stagnant humidity levels at 89% ratifies the ongoing drift towards the dry phase. Median high and low temperatures barely fluctuate from July as does daylight duration. Weather in August »

Weather in September

In September, climate indices sustain their previous patterns with minimal fluctuations in Otélé. Defining this month, rainfall inches up slightly from 62mm (2.44") to 99mm (3.9"). A consistent harmony of weather dynamics weaves a tapestry of typical African climate that Otélé embodies. Weather in September »

Weather in October

October's arrival introduces drastic shifts in Otélé's weather. Witnessing the city's maximum rainfall of 198mm (7.8"), October stands as the harbinger of the rainy phase. Simultaneously, temperatures display negligible variation while daylight hours begin to decrease. Weather in October »

Weather in November

As Otélé advances into November, the city starts shedding its monsoon skin. Rainfall records a significant drop from 198mm (7.8") to 130mm (5.12"), leading to a reduced humidity level of 85%. Temperature highs crawl back up as daytime length remains consistent. Weather in November »

Weather in December

Rounding off the year, December introduces characteristic weather subtleties to Otélé. Rainfall decreases further to 31mm (1.22"), while the humidity makes a significant drop to 74%. Average wind speeds intensify slightly to 4.4km/h (2.7mph) while pressure levels remain stable. Weather in December »

Frequently asked questions

What is the least humid month in Otélé?

With an average relative humidity of 70%, January is the least humid month in Otélé, Cameroon.

What is the driest month in Otélé?

January is the month with the least rainfall in Otélé, Cameroon. Rain falls for 14.4 days and accumulates 20mm (0.79") of precipitation.

How many days does it rain in Otélé?

In Otélé, during the entire year, the rain falls for 270.8 days and collects up to 1144mm (45.04") of precipitation.

What are the months with the most sunshine in Otélé?

January and December, with an average of 9.6h of sunshine, are months with the most sunshine.

What is the warmest month in Otélé?

The warmest temperatures in Otélé, Cameroon, occur during February, when averages reach a peak of 32.9°C (91.2°F) and a low of 20.4°C (68.7°F).

When is the highest UV index in Otélé?

February and March, with an average maximum UV index of 7, are months with the highest UV index in Otélé.

When is the lowest UV index in Otélé?

May through October, with an average maximum UV index of 5, are months with the lowest UV index in Otélé.

When are the longest days in Otélé?

The month with the longest days in Otélé is June, with an average of 12h and 18min of daylight.

What month is the coldest in Otélé?

August, noted for its average high-temperature of 26.8°C (80.2°F) and an average low-temperature of 19.7°C (67.5°F), is considered the coldest month.

What is the month with the least sunshine in Otélé?

August has the least sunshine of the year, with an average of 5.1h of sunshine.

What are the most humid months in Otélé?

The months with the highest humidity are September and October, with an average relative humidity of 90%.

What is the rainiest month in Otélé?

October is the month with the most rainfall. Rain falls for 29.1 days and accumulates 198mm (7.8") of precipitation.

What is the month with the shortest days in Otélé?

With an average of 11h and 54min of daylight, December has the shortest days of the year.

Is there Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Otélé?

Otélé, Cameroon, does not utilize Daylight Saving Time (DST). WAT timezone is used over the entire year.

Average temperature
Otélé, Cameroon

Average temperature - Otélé, Cameroon

The warmest month (with the highest average high temperature) is February (32.9°C).
The month with the lowest average high temperature is August (26.8°C).

The month with the highest average low temperature is March (20.8°C).
The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is July (19.3°C).


Average pressure
Otélé, Cameroon

Average pressure - Otélé, Cameroon

The month with the highest atmospheric pressure is July (1014.1mbar).
The month with the lowest atmospheric pressure is February (1010.2mbar).


Average wind speed
Otélé, Cameroon

Average wind speed - Otélé, Cameroon

The windiest month (with the highest average wind speed) is August (5.3km/h).
The calmest months (with the lowest average wind speed) are May and November (3.8km/h).


Average humidity
Otélé, Cameroon

Average humidity - Otélé, Cameroon

The months with the highest relative humidity are September and October (90%).
The month with the lowest relative humidity is January (70%).


Average rainfall
Otélé, Cameroon

Average rainfall - Otélé, Cameroon

The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is October (198mm).
The driest month (with the least rainfall) is January (20mm).


Average rainfall days
Otélé, Cameroon

Average rainfall days - Otélé, Cameroon

The month with the highest number of rainy days is October (29.1 days).
The month with the least rainy days is January (14.4 days).


Average daylight / Average sunshine
Otélé, Cameroon

Average daylight / Average sunshine - Otélé, Cameroon

The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 12h and 18min).
The month with the shortest days is December (Average daylight: 11h and 54min).

The months with the most sunshine are January and December (Average sunshine: 9h and 36min).
The month with the least sunshine is August (Average sunshine: 5h and 6min).


Average sunshine days
Otélé, Cameroon

Average sunshine days - Otélé, Cameroon

The month with the most sunshine days is January (12.7 days).
The month with the least sunshine days is October (1 days).


Average UV index
Otélé, Cameroon

Average UV index - Otélé, Cameroon

The months with the highest UV index are February and March (UV index 7).
The months with the lowest UV index are May, June, July, August, September and October (UV index 5).


Average visibility
Otélé, Cameroon

Average visibility - Otélé, Cameroon

The months with the highest visibility are January, February and December (8km).
The months with the lowest visibility are June, July, August, September and October (5km).


Otélé, Cameroon

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