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Weather in February

February continues the trend of the wet season on Christmas Island. Similar to January, the island receives heavy rainfall, often exceeding 200mm, maintaining the lush and green landscapes. The mean temperature during this month stays consistent, generally fluctuating between 25°C to 29°C.

In Flying Fish Cove, the island's primary settlement area, residents and visitors experience the typical monsoon weather conditions. Cloud cover remains prevalent, and rain showers are frequent, although the intensity and duration can vary day by day.

Compared to January, February may see a slight decrease in the amount of rainfall. The temperatures, however, remain quite steady, with minimal change from the previous or the upcoming month of March. These continuous conditions attest to the island's tropical monsoon climate, with no dramatic shifts in temperature. Daylight hours in February extend marginally compared to January, with sunrise around 6:30 AM and sunset close to 7:00 PM.

Wildlife, particularly bird activity, remains high during February, with wet conditions promoting the proliferation of insects and other food sources. Despite the rainfall, the consistent temperatures provide opportunities for exploration and activities, though, as in the previous month, a degree of adaptability is required due to the likelihood of rain showers.

  • Flying Fish Cove - February »
    On the first day of February sunrise is at 05:54 and sunset at 18:27. The start of February sees the average high-temperature at a still moderately hot 28.2°C, showing little difference from January's 28.1°C.
  • Christmas Island - February »
    The month with the most rainfall in Christmas Island is February, when the rain falls for 14 days and typically aggregates up to 348mm of precipitation. February through May, with an average sea temperature of 29°C, are months with the warmest seawater in Christmas Island.
  • Drumsite - February »
    On the first day of February in Drumsite sunrise is at 05:54 and sunset at 18:27. In Drumsite in February, it is raining for 20.8 days, with typically 95mm of accumulated precipitation.
  • South Point - February »
    In South Point in February, it is raining for 20.8 days, with typically 95mm of accumulated precipitation. The average relative humidity in February in South Point, Christmas Island, is 79%.

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