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Weather in October

October on Christmas Island heralds the transition from the dry season to the wet season. Rainfall begins to increase, typically rising above 60mm for the month, while temperatures remain stable, generally fluctuating between 23°C to 26°C.

The primary settlement of Flying Fish Cove follows the island-wide trend. The frequency of rain showers starts to rise, and the number of clear sunny days begins to decrease as the month progresses.

In comparison to September, October sees an increase in rainfall as the island moves towards its wet season. The temperatures, however, remain fairly consistent, showing minor variation from the preceding month or the upcoming month of November. Daylight hours stay relatively stable, with sunrise around 5:30 AM and sunset close to 6:00 PM.

The increasing rainfall in October adds a different dimension to the island's landscapes, with a gradual return of the lush greenery that characterises the wet season. Wildlife activity may also start to shift in response to the increasing availability of water. As always, a degree of flexibility is beneficial for outdoor plans to accommodate potential weather changes.

  • Flying Fish Cove - October »
    In October, the average sea temperature is 26.7°C. In Flying Fish Cove in October, it is raining for 20.6 days, with typically 65mm of accumulated precipitation.
  • Christmas Island - October »
    Christmas Island, in the month of October, notes an average low temperature of 23.6°C, indicating a small decrease from the daytime highs. In Christmas Island, Christmas Island, in October, during 9 rainfall days, 69mm of precipitation is typically accumulated.
  • Drumsite - October »
    In Drumsite, Christmas Island, in October, during 20.6 rainfall days, 65mm of precipitation is typically accumulated. In Drumsite, during October, the rain falls for 20.6 days and regularly aggregates up to 65mm of precipitation.
  • South Point - October »
    On the first day of October in South Point, Christmas Island, sunrise is at 05:41 and sunset at 17:52. In October, in South Point, Christmas Island, the rain falls for 20.6 days.

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