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Weather in January

January falls within the heart of the wet season on Christmas Island, characterized by heavy rainfall and high humidity. This month is one of the wettest of the year, with precipitation levels often exceeding 250mm. The temperature remains consistent with the tropical climate of the island, with averages hovering between 25°C to 29°C.

No specific cities exist on Christmas Island, given its small size, but the settlement of Flying Fish Cove, where most of the island's population resides, mirrors the island's general climate conditions. This period witnesses heavy cloud cover and frequent rain showers, with the possibility of occasional thunderstorms.

In comparison to December, January usually receives a higher amount of rainfall. However, the temperatures in January do not vary significantly from those in December or the upcoming month of February. This continuity of warm temperature and heavy rainfall underlines the tropical monsoon climate of the island. The days in January are typically short with around 6 hours of daylight, with sunrise around 6:30 AM and sunset by 6:30 PM. As the month progresses, daylight gradually increases.

Despite the high rainfall, January is an excellent month for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts, as the wet conditions spur wildlife activity. Nevertheless, outdoor plans may require flexibility due to potential disruptions from rain showers.

  • Flying Fish Cove - January »
    January is the least humid month in Flying Fish Cove with an average relative humidity of 78%. In Flying Fish Cove in January, the average water temperature is 28.8°C.
  • Christmas Island - January »
    Christmas Island experiences a subtle adjustment in high-temperatures to a still warm 28.9°C with the onset of January, maintaining near parity with December's 28.7°C. January through April, September through December, with an average maximum UV index of 12, are months with the highest UV index in Christmas Island.
  • Drumsite - January »
    The least humid month in Drumsite, Christmas Island, is January, with an average relative humidity of 78%. In January, Drumsite's weather conditions record an average high-temperature of a still moderately hot 28.1°C, demonstrating little divergence from the preceding month.
  • South Point - January »
    In South Point in January, during 22.1 rainfall days, 94mm of precipitation is typically accumulated. January is the least humid month in South Point, with an average relative humidity of 78%.

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