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Weather in April

April ushers in the full arrival of spring in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, with temperatures showing a more significant increase compared to March. The average temperatures during this month range from 1°C (33.8°F) to 5°C (41°F). Despite the arrival of spring, the chill of winter still lingers, and colder days can still occur, especially in early April.

The weather in April is distinctly warmer than in March. The rising temperatures and longer daylight hours provide a noticeable shift from the winter season. Moving into May, the warming trend continues, and the likelihood of snowfall decreases further, giving way to increased rainfall.

April in Saint Pierre and Miquelon sees a mix of rain and snow. The beginning of the month can still witness snowfall, but as the month progresses, the warmer temperatures lead to more rain. This precipitation aids in the thawing process, turning the winter's snow into spring's greenery.

The towns of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon-Langlade experience similar weather in April. As the snow begins to melt, the landscape starts to transform, revealing the green scenery beneath the winter's snow cover. Visitors planning to come during this time should pack for a mix of winter and spring weather, as conditions can change rapidly. It is also the perfect time to witness the islands' transformation from the harsh winter to the blooming spring season.

  • Saint-Pierre - April »
    In Saint-Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, in April, during 12.3 rainfall days, 56mm (2.2") of precipitation is typically accumulated. On the last day of April, sunrise is at 06:29 and sunset at 20:53 -02.
  • Miquelon-Langlade - April »
    In Miquelon-Langlade during April, the rain falls for 6 days and regularly aggregates up to 102mm (4.02") of precipitation. On the first day of April in Miquelon-Langlade, sunrise is at 07:22 and sunset at 20:15.
  • Langlade Island - April »
    On the last day of April, in Langlade Island, sunrise is at 06:30 and sunset at 20:54 -02. On the first day of April in Langlade Island, sunrise is at 07:22 and sunset at 20:14.

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