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Weather in December

December in Saint Pierre and Miquelon is characterised by the full arrival of winter, bringing with it colder temperatures and frequent snowfall. Average temperatures during this month range from -1°C (30.2°F) to 4°C (39.2°F). As the month progresses, the temperatures continue to decrease, with nights becoming particularly cold.

In comparison with November, December sees a further drop in temperature, continuing the winter trend. As December transitions into January, the temperatures remain relatively stable, but the harsh winter conditions persist, maintaining the snowy landscapes and chilly climate.

December experiences high precipitation, primarily in the form of snow. Frequent snowfall is common during this month, contributing to the creation of a winter wonderland across the islands. The combination of snowfall and freezing temperatures can result in icy conditions, adding an extra layer of caution for those travelling during this time.

The towns of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon-Langlade, like the rest of the archipelago, witness a similar pattern of winter weather in December. The landscapes become dominated by snow and ice, transforming the islands into a winter scene. Despite the harsh conditions, December offers a unique charm with its snowy landscapes, making it a potentially attractive time for those who enjoy winter scenery. However, visitors should be prepared for cold temperatures and potential travel disruptions due to snow and ice.

  • Saint-Pierre - December »
    The months with the lowest humidity in Saint-Pierre are January, November and December, with an average relative humidity of 79%. In Saint-Pierre in December, during 10.4 rainfall days, 63mm (2.48") of precipitation is typically accumulated.
  • Miquelon-Langlade - December »
    The month with the shortest days in Miquelon-Langlade is December, with an average of 8h and 36min of daylight. On the first day of December in Miquelon-Langlade sunrise is at 08:11 and sunset at 16:58.
  • Langlade Island - December »
    December has the shortest days of the year in Langlade Island with an average of 8h and 36min of daylight. December has the shortest days of the year in Langlade Island, with an average of 8h and 36min of daylight.

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