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Weather in February

February continues the winter season in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, with the weather remaining predominantly cold. The average temperatures persist around -4°C, slightly higher than the previous month of January, yet still well below freezing. However, temperatures can occasionally fall much lower during extreme weather events, often accompanied by severe snowstorms.

Comparatively, the weather in February is not vastly different from January. The island maintains its winter chill, although February does begin to see a marginal increase in daylight hours, signalling the slow approach of spring. Heading into March, the next month, the average temperatures start to rise slightly as the winter season begins to recede.

Snowfall remains consistent in February, with it still being one of the snowiest months of the year in Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Residents and visitors alike should expect a wintry landscape and possible travel disruptions due to snowstorms. During periods of clear weather, the snowy scenery can be exceptionally beautiful, providing unique photographic opportunities.

The towns of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon-Langlade continue to experience comparable weather patterns in February. Both locations, like the rest of the archipelago, endure the chilly temperatures and heavy snowfall typical of this time of year. Those planning to visit should be prepared for the cold weather, ensuring to pack appropriate clothing and account for potential changes in weather conditions.

  • Saint-Pierre - February »
    The coldest month is February, with an average high-temperature of -0.2°C and an average low-temperature of -3.4°C. February and March, with an average sea temperature of 0°C, are months with the coldest seawater in Saint-Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
  • Miquelon-Langlade - February »
    In Miquelon-Langlade, the month of February registers the lowest temperatures, averaging -0.6°C at the peak and -7.7°C at the lowest. In Miquelon-Langlade during February, the rain falls for 6 days and regularly aggregates up to 106mm of precipitation.
  • Langlade Island - February »
    February stands out as Langlade Island's coldest month, with an average high-temperature of -0.6°C and a low-temperature of -7.7°C. Langlade Island's coldest month, February, generally records average temperatures ranging from a high of -0.6°C to a low of -7.7°C.

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