August weather forecast

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Flag of Azerbaijan

Weather in August

August in Azerbaijan is the last full month of summer, characterized by high temperatures, although slightly lower than the peak temperatures experienced in July. The heat remains intense in the lowland regions and along the Caspian Sea coastline.

In Baku, the capital city located along the Caspian Sea coast, August sees temperatures ranging from 28°C to 31°C. This slight reduction from July does not detract from the overall heat of the Azerbaijani summer. Rainfall is sparse during August, with most days marked by clear skies and intense sunshine.

The high-altitude regions of the Greater Caucasus range, including cities such as Quba and Khinalug, experience temperatures averaging between 18°C to 23°C. While these regions do not face the extreme heat of the lowlands, they are still noticeably warm compared to other months. The landscape continues to be dominated by the greenery of the summer months, with no snowfall occurring.

Regarding precipitation, August continues the trend of low rainfall levels set by July. It remains one of the driest months of the year, with the hot semi-arid climate evident in the lowland regions. Although the temperature begins to decline slightly from the peaks of July, the drop in rainfall is less pronounced, making August another warm and dry month.

Comparatively, September ushers in the autumn season, bringing with it a further reduction in temperatures and an increase in rainfall. This makes August the climactic end of the summer season in Azerbaijan, maintaining high temperatures and minimal rainfall.

  • Baku - August »
    June through August, with an average relative humidity of 54%, are the least humid months in Baku. The months with the lowest humidity in Baku are June through August, with an average relative humidity of 54%.
  • Ganja - August »
    In Ganja, during August, the rain falls for 4 days and regularly aggregates up to 18mm of precipitation. In August, in Ganja the rain falls for 4 days.
  • Lankaran - August »
    In Lankaran in August, during 6.1 rainfall days, 20mm of precipitation is typically accumulated. August continues the summer's warm dominance in Lankaran, offering a similar weather pattern as experienced in the preceding month of July.
  • Yevlakh - August »
    In Yevlakh, during August, the rain falls for 2 days and regularly aggregates up to 22mm of precipitation. In Yevlakh, during August, the rain falls for 2 days and regularly aggregates up to 22mm of precipitation.
  • Shamakhi - August »
    On the first day of August in Shamakhi sunrise is at 05:42 and sunset at 20:01. The shift from July to August in Shamakhi is characterized by an average high-temperature of a still moderately hot 28.8°C, not significantly different from the 29.8°C of July.
  • Astara - August »
    Astara, Azerbaijan, records an average high-temperature of a still warm 29°C in August, closely mirroring the climate of the previous month. In August, the average high-temperature and low-temperature in Astara, Azerbaijan, are 29°C and 21.1°C respectively.
  • Barda - August »
    The relief brought about by the slight dip in temperature makes August an excellent time to explore Barda's cultural landmarks. As Barda moves into August, the temperature starts to dip, averaging from 21.5°C up to 33°C.


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