February weather forecast

Flag of Azerbaijan
Flag of Azerbaijan

Weather in February

February in Azerbaijan brings a gradual end to the severe winter conditions, especially in the high-altitude regions. However, it remains a winter month, with the average temperatures slightly higher than January but still low across the country.

In the mountainous regions, where the Tundra climate prevails, February witnesses temperatures slowly rising from the extreme lows of January. However, temperatures remain below freezing, averaging -10°C in areas such as the Greater Caucasus range, including cities like Quba and Khinalug. Snowfall continues in these areas but starts to reduce towards the end of the month.

On the other hand, the lowland regions and the Caspian Sea coastline, including the city of Baku, experience milder winters. In Baku, the average February temperatures range from 6°C to 8°C, a slight increase from January. Rainfall in February tends to be lower than in January, signaling the transition towards the drier months.

In terms of overall precipitation, February records lower levels of snowfall and rainfall than January, as the country moves towards the drier and warmer period of the year. The snowy conditions of the mountainous regions begin to alleviate, making way for the onset of spring. Despite these changes, February still has colder conditions compared to the upcoming month, March, where spring begins to set in across Azerbaijan.

  • Baku - February »
    The month with the most snowfall in Baku is February, when snow falls for 3.2 days and typically aggregates up to 15mm of snow. February and March, with an average sea temperature of 8°C, are months with the coldest seawater in Baku, Azerbaijan.
  • Ganja - February »
    In Ganja in February, it is raining for 5 days, with typically 17mm of accumulated precipitation. The months with the least sunshine in Ganja are January, February, November and December, with an average of 4h of sunshine.
  • Lankaran - February »
    February is the most humid month in Lankaran, Azerbaijan, with an average relative humidity of 78%. In Lankaran in February, it is raining for 11 days, with typically 42mm of accumulated precipitation.
  • Yevlakh - February »
    In Yevlakh during February, the rain falls for 5 days and regularly aggregates up to 20mm of precipitation. On the last day of February, in Yevlakh sunrise is at 07:27 and sunset at 18:40 +04.
  • Shamakhi - February »
    In Shamakhi in February, during 10 rainfall days, 45mm of precipitation is typically accumulated. On the last day of February, in Shamakhi sunrise is at 07:21 and sunset at 18:34 +04.
  • Astara - February »
    January and February, with an average high-temperature of 8.8°C, are the coldest months in Astara, Azerbaijan. As the calendar page turns to February, Astara's weather continues its influence from the preceding month with minimal change in the overall temperature.
  • Barda - February »
    In Barda during February, snow falls for 3.8 days and regularly aggregates up to 56mm of snow. In Barda, in February, during 3.8 snowfall days, 56mm of snow is typically accumulated.


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