May weather forecast

Flag of Azerbaijan
Flag of Azerbaijan

Weather in May

May signifies the arrival of late spring in Azerbaijan, with noticeably warmer temperatures across the country. As the last month of spring, it sets the stage for the forthcoming summer season.

In the lowland regions and along the Caspian Sea coastline, temperatures continue to rise. The capital city of Baku experiences temperatures ranging from 20°C to 23°C. The pleasant weather conditions, combined with a decrease in rainfall compared to April, make outdoor activities and sightseeing enjoyable.

In contrast, the high-altitude regions of the Greater Caucasus range, including cities like Quba and Khinalug, continue their transition from colder to warmer conditions. Temperatures in these areas in May range between 10°C to 15°C, indicating the full arrival of spring in these regions. Snow is rare in May, and the landscape transforms with the melting of the remaining winter snow.

The overall precipitation in May tends to decrease compared to April, with the frequency of rainfall dropping significantly. Compared to the coming month, June, May provides slightly cooler temperatures and more rainfall, serving as a transitional period towards the dry, hot summer months in Azerbaijan. May does not hold extreme weather records, but it is a vital month in the country's climatic calendar, marking the transition from spring to summer.

  • Baku - May »
    In Baku, during May, the rain falls for 6.5 days and regularly aggregates up to 10mm of precipitation. In Baku, in May, during 6.5 rainfall days, 10mm of precipitation is typically accumulated.
  • Ganja - May »
    On the last day of the month, in Ganja sunrise is at 05:26 and sunset at 20:18 +04. On the first day of May in Ganja sunrise is at 05:53 and sunset at 19:49.
  • Lankaran - May »
    In Lankaran snow does not fall in April through October. In Lankaran, snow does not fall in April through October.
  • Yevlakh - May »
    On the last day of the month, in Yevlakh sunrise is at 05:23 and sunset at 20:14 +04. In Yevlakh, during May, the rain falls for 7 days and regularly aggregates up to 47mm of precipitation.
  • Shamakhi - May »
    On the last day of May, in Shamakhi sunrise is at 05:17 and sunset at 20:08 +04. In Shamakhi in May, it is raining for 9 days, with typically 74mm of accumulated precipitation.
  • Astara - May »
    On the first day of May in Astara, sunrise is at 05:47 and sunset at 19:35. This month in Astara, ignites the summer spark, reflecting a stark contrast from the early-year frost.
  • Barda - May »
    May in Barda witnesses a sharp surge in temperature, resulting in a warm climate with temperatures soaring to 25.8°C. May's onset in Barda witnesses a shift in the average high-temperature, moving from an enjoyable 19°C in April to a warm 25.8°C.


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