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Flag of Pitcairn
Flag of Pitcairn

Weather in April

April in the Pitcairn Islands continues the trend established in March, with the temperatures and rainfall further declining as the autumn season progresses. Daytime temperatures during this month average from 20°C to 23°C, representing a gradual cooling from March and further from the peak summer months of January and February.

Compared to the previous month of March, April shows a noticeable decrease in temperature, continuing the downward trend of the autumn season. This cooling trend is consistent with the approach of the cooler month of May.

Rainfall in April continues to decrease from the preceding months. However, the island still experiences occasional rain showers typical of its tropical rainforest climate, keeping the environment humid.

Given the small size of the Pitcairn Islands, significant climate variation is unlikely. However, slight changes in temperature and rainfall may occur due to the island's topographical features and associated microclimates.

  • Adamstown - April »
    On the last day of April, in Adamstown sunrise is at 07:02 and sunset at 18:12 -08. In Adamstown, Pitcairn, in April, it is raining for 18.8 days, with typically 98mm of accumulated precipitation.


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