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Flag of Pitcairn

Weather in May

As the last month of the autumn season in the Pitcairn Islands, May brings further cooling, with temperatures dipping to an average range of 18°C to 20°C during the day. This marks a noticeable shift from the warmth of April, reinforcing the transition towards the cooler winter season.

When compared to April, temperatures in May are noticeably cooler, indicating a steady continuation of the cooling trend started in the earlier autumn months. This trend is set to continue into the following month of June, marking the onset of the winter season.

Rainfall in May is less than in April, demonstrating a further reduction in precipitation typical of the transition from autumn to winter. Despite this decrease, occasional rain showers persist, maintaining the islands' characteristic humidity.

As in previous months, the small size of the Pitcairn Islands means that there are no significant geographical climate variations. Nevertheless, minor differences might occur due to the topographical variation across Pitcairn Island and associated microclimates.

  • Adamstown - May »
    The onset of May in Adamstown notes an average high-temperature of a still warm 23.8°C, subtly shifted from April's 24.9°C. In Adamstown, during the entire year, the rain falls for 219.1 days and collects up to 1048mm of precipitation.


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