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Flag of Pitcairn

Weather in February

In the Pitcairn Islands, February continues the summer season, exhibiting similar weather characteristics to January. The heat of the peak summer begins to slightly taper off, yet temperatures remain high. Daytime temperatures typically range from 25°C to 28°C, slightly cooler than the preceding month, but still considerably warm.

February is a transition month in Pitcairn, representing the tail end of the summer. Compared to January, temperatures are somewhat reduced, but still higher than those in the upcoming month of March.

Rainfall in February is significant, continuing the pattern of the tropical rainforest climate. However, it's slightly less than in January, marking the beginning of a gradual decrease in rainfall as the islands move towards the autumn season. Yet, similar to January, these rain showers are interspersed with periods of sunshine.

As with January, geographical climate variation is minimal due to the small size of the Pitcairn Islands. Pitcairn Island, the only inhabited one, does not showcase significant differences in climate across its regions. Any minor variations could be attributed to microclimatic changes due to the island's topography.

  • Adamstown - February »
    In Adamstown in February, during 18.3 rainfall days, 104mm of precipitation is typically accumulated. Temperatures in Adamstown reach their maximum during February and March, recording an average high-temperature of 26.2°C.


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