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Weather in January

January is the start of the calendar year in Pitcairn and represents the peak of the summer season. As such, it is the hottest month of the year with daytime temperatures often reaching around 30°C. Night-time temperatures are slightly cooler, yet they rarely fall below 20°C, keeping the overall environment warm.

Comparatively, January is warmer than the preceding month of December and the following month of February, making it the apex of summer's heat. This warmth, coupled with high humidity, is a distinguishing feature of January's weather profile.

Being part of the tropical rainforest climate, Pitcairn experiences substantial rainfall throughout the year. January, however, is one of the rainiest months. This high rainfall does not necessarily mean continuous downpours; instead, it often translates to frequent rain showers interspersed with periods of sunshine.

In terms of geographical variation, the climate across the Pitcairn Islands is fairly consistent due to their small size. The only inhabited island, Pitcairn Island, does not have significant climatic differences across its area. However, the topographical variation could lead to microclimates where some higher-altitude areas may be slightly cooler and receive marginally more rainfall.

  • Adamstown - January »
    The months with the highest humidity in Adamstown are January, October through December, with an average relative humidity of 78%. January, October through December, with an average relative humidity of 78%, are the most humid months in Adamstown.


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